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    1. A VPN encrypts all your internet connections, including connection to your email provider. So this improves your email security to some extent. However, email is also stored on a server somewhere in the world. So encrypting your email ensures that nobody can access your emails while they are in storage.

  1. We are a small private email provider, and would like to grow our business. We have been in operation for 26 years, starting as an internet service provider in 1995 back in the dial-up days. We were in one of Comcast’s first market’s and switched to hosting websites and providing Business email services, primarily for medical and law practices. We continue with that operation and have redesigned and separated it to provide secure email for individuals. We don’t believe there is a more secure service available, we know email and security. Please contact me with any questions.

    1. Dear Larry,

      I went to’s site and could not find a link to contact and ask questions so I’m asking here 🙂

      What is your proposed solution to these needs:

      1. I have 15GB of data to import from my GMail account.
      2. I need to have ALL that data available to my email account.
      3. I need an additional 15GB of storage to “grow into” as time passes.
      4. I need all 30GB of data available to my my email account.

      Can provide all that?

      Can I import all my GMail email data into


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