The Easiest Ways To Buy and Hold Bitcoin

These apps make it easy to buy and send Bitcoin:

Quick Answer

  • Use Strike if you want to buy and hold less than $5000 worth of Bitcoin
  • Use Trezor if want to hold over $5000 worth of Bitcoin

Strike App – Easiest Way To Buy Bitcoin

The Strike app allows anyone to purchase Bitcoin in 65 supported countries.

In the U.S., Strike is available to all residents except Hawaii and New York. Money can be deposited by bank transfer or debit card. You can also keep cash in your account and pay any Bitcoin or Lightning invoice.

Another useful feature is the ability to send Bitcoin using your cash balance and receive Bitcoin payments as cash in your cash balance. Allows users in 65 countries to send Bitcoin payments.

Cash App – Easiest Bitcoin + Banking Wallet

Cash App offers more traditional payment and money transfer features in addition to Bitcoin. It is currently only available in the U.S.

Cash App has higher fees for Bitcoin transactions compared to Strike.

Bull Bitcoin – Easy & Private Bitcoin Exchange for Canadians

Bull Bitcoin is a non-custodial Bitcoin-only exchange and payment service from Canada (announcement). There is no ID required to use this service.

Bull Bitcoin also supports the Liquid Network which is similar to the Lightning Network. You can bill pay using their Bylls service.

Muun – A Wallet Both Supporting On-Chain and Lightning Transactions

Muun is a self-custodial Bitcoin and lightning network wallet for Android and iOS devices. It allows users to make fast and cheap Bitcoin payments while maintaining full control of their private key. This wallet uses submarine swaps, so fees tend to be higher than expected for lightning.

Trezor – A Simple Cold Storage Wallet

Trezor is a reliable hardware wallet. It offers a relatively simple way to self-custody your Bitcoin. If you are storing money than $2000 worth of Bitcoin, I suggest using an offline wallet like Trezor.

Test your recovery phrase before doing a big transfer. Move a nominal amount to the Trezor and reset it, and then make sure you can recover it with the seed phrase. This will help you be confident that you’re transferring correctly and that your seed phrase is written down accurately.

Another option is BitBox Wallet, this wallet is said to be very easy to use.

Privately Purchase Bitcoin

If you want to buy Bitcoin without KYC, look into BisqRobosatsPeach, or HodlHodl.