All My Recommendations For 2017

by Grey One •

I recommend these VPNs for speed & reliability: ExpressVPN, IPVanish, Private Internet Access If you are in a censored country like China I recommend: ExpressVPN¬†or VPN.AC For enhanced privacy or to avoid censorship: AirVPN¬†or NordVPN This is a reliable DNS leak test: IPX.AC I recommend these cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum I recommend this cryptocurrency exchange: Coinbase I recommend this bitcoin hardware …

Two Hardware Safes For Storing Bitcoin and Ethereum

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Here are two hardware wallets that can be used for the long term storage of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. These device are separated from your computer — and thus virtually hacker proof. I recommend storing these wallets in a fireproof safe. For daily and weekly use, keep a small amount of bitcoins in a smartphone app like Copay. I do …


The Best VPNs For Australia In 2017

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When choosing a VPN for Australia, the best idea is to look for a VPN with fast connection to Singapore or the U.S. West Coast. If you connect to a server in Singapore you will avoid the Five Eye countries, and you’ll tend to get reasonably fast connection speeds to the US.