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This article is a good introduction to making your online life more private and secure.


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A Recommended Privacy Set-Up

More details can be found in our article The Best Privacy-Friendly Apps & Services.

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  1. Hi:
    Do you have updated addon recommendations for Firefox 57+ as it changing to run on only web extensions?
    Apps like Self-Destructing Cookies will not longer be available “This add-on is no longer maintained. It is incompatible with Firefox 55+ and this will never change. Also, it will not be rewritten as a WebExtension.”

  2. Scanned days-long to find good router upgrade. 20% VPN for $$ transactions, the rest I don’t care if the “neighborhood watches” my online enjoyments. My RV Lifestyle works OK with old Linksys WRT54-GL repeater, but getting nervous about neighbors’ ability to snoop my signal. What do you suggest new router (one website sez “Get two” for toggle-between VPN or regular WiFi) dual band, medium speed, MIMO OK but not MU demands, really need to run coax from router to outdoors antenna – – avoid indoors, cooking my brain.

    What router is OK to manage one antenna? All the “beam forming” products I see worries that the router chipset will get annoyed if I terminate most of the RF jacks, just run one cable to outdoors.

  3. Hi,
    I use landline for my home phone, eg whenever I need to call a company/institution that requires me to provide my private information (instead of using my cell phone). How secure is VOIP phone service vs. landline phone?

    Thank you.

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