The Best Usenet Providers For 2024

Here are my updated recommendations for the best Usenet Provider:

  • Newshosting is a reliable provider with excellent download speeds

If you’d prefer an independent provider based in Europe, I recommend:

See also this article that discusses all the Usenet backbones.

I do not recommend these providers:

  • UsenetBucket (poor customer service, clunky interface)
  • Astraweb (doesn’t respond to emails, poor customer service)
  • Giganews (overpriced for the service offered)

To achieve Usenet nirvana, I recommend using SABnzbd as your client (see my The Best Usenet Clients article) and a good Usenet index (see my article The Best Usenet Indexes).

The NZB Unity add-on for Firefox also makes downloading easier. On Chrome browsers, you can use SABconnect++.

Getting More Coverage: Using Backup Providers

The power users tend to use two providers — a primary provider and a backup provider. The reason for this is that some files might be missing from the primary provider so the backup provider will fill in the missing file. The backup account can be a block account if you like. Block accounts are a one-time charge. The price is based on the number of gigabytes (GB) available for download.

For your backup account to be effective, you need your backup provider to pull from a separate Usenet backbone.

Here are my recommended combinations of providers:

See instructions here on how to add the backup provider in SabNZBd.

The Details: The Best Usenet Providers

Created in 1979, Usenet is one of the originally distributed networks. Still widely used today, the Usenet contains a vast number of media files and articles!

Usenet users upload every type of media file (movies, TV shows, music, and e-books). In its 30-year history, no one has ever been sued for downloading anything from the Usenet.

In 2004, a site called Newzbin started indexing the files available on Usenet and created the NZB file format. An NZB file is the Usenet equivalent of a torrent file. An NZB file that contains a pointer to files available on Usenet.

To get started with Usenet, you need to pay for Usenet access from a provider. You can expect to pay about $10-$20 monthly for access.

Advantages of Usenet

  • Encourages users to download (leech)
  • Direct downloading as opposed to waiting for seeders
  • It uses the total bandwidth of your internet connection
  • It uses SSL to encrypt data being sent to your computer

There are four main features to look for when choosing a provider:

  • Data Retention (how far their Usenet archive goes back — 1200 days is average, around 2100 days is the longest you can get)
  • Monthly Transfer (the amount of data you can download each month — varies from 5 GB to unlimited traffic)
  • Connections (the number of simultaneous connections you can make at a single time through your account — around 10-15 is fine unless you have a 100Mbps connection)
  • Secure Connections (you may want a provider that provides SSL connections, so you can’t be snooped on)

Unlimited Usenet Access With No Frills: UsenetExpress

UsenetExpress is a good choice if you want no-frills Usenet service and are comfortable using NZB files to initiate downloads. This service is a hybrid tier 1 service based in the US. As a hybrid provider, UsenetExpress has its own local storage, and this is supplemented by files pulled from a third-party backbone (Abavia).

I’ve been testing UsenetExpress for about four years. The price is only $7.50 monthly for 50 connections with unlimited downloads. The annual price is $90. They accept Bitcoin as a payment option.

Link: UsenetExpress

The Best European-Based Usenet Providers

Many people prefer using European providers because they offer alternative Usenet feeds and can be used to fill in missing binary files. However, note that these providers also comply with file takedowns (via NTD) requests.

Tweaknews: Comprehensive Provider In Europe

Tweaknews is a Dutch Usenet provider with some of the fastest connections in Europe. This provider charges €7 euros or $7.99 USD per month. For this, you get 40 SSL Usenet connections, with 2500-day retention. A VPN and search engine are also included.

Tweaknews offers a 10-day free trial. Using the trial account, you can download at 20 Mbps (2.5 MB/s) using 8 connections — up to a limit of 10 Gigabytes.

Tweaknews also offers block accounts, and these are pretty popular. For example, their “100GB Block Package” costs only €13 (euros). However, please note that the download speeds for the block account are capped at 100 Mpb/s.

I’ve been testing them for several months, and I’ve found their service to be reliable. From my US East Coast office, I generally get a download speed of 97 Mbps (11.4 MB/s). The company says they offer a maximum rate of 800 Mbps (100 MB/s).

The Tweaknews feed comes from Highwinds — a US-based tier-one provider in business since 2002.

  • Headquarters: Netherlands
  • Server locations: Netherlands only
  • BackboneHighwinds (Omicron Media)
  • Retention: 2500 days
  • Connections: 40
  • SSL connections: Yes
  • Download limit: unlimited
  • Max. Speed: uncapped (except for block accounts)
  • Price€7 euros or $7.99 USD per month (for a yearly subscription)
  • Payment types: Credit Cards, Paypal, iDeal, Giropay, Direct Debit, SOFORT Banking
  • Trial: 10 days (with 10GB limit)
  • Block accounts: Yes
  • Account sharing: No
  • LinkTweaknews

XS News: An Independent Usenet Backbone

XS News is my recommended independent European Usenet provider. This tier-one service started in 2006 and offers a genuinely independent Usenet feed.

XS News is based in Lijnden, The Netherlands, and all their servers are there.

They offer 30 connections for € 8.20 euros (about $9.70 USD) per month with a yearly subscription. Their retention time is 1100+ days.

  • Headquarters: Netherlands
  • Server locations: Netherlands
  • BackboneAbavia
  • Speed: 800 Mbit/s (or 100 MB/s)
  • Connections: 30
  • SSL Connections: Yes
  • Retention: 1100 days
  • Downloads: uncapped
  • Price: € 8.20 or $9.36 USD (per month for a yearly subscription)
  • Payment types: Credit Card, Bitcoin, Paysafecard & more
  • Trial: 14 Days
  • Block accounts: Yes
  • Account sharing: Yes
  • LinkXS News

A List Of All Usenet Backbones

US & European Backbone 1 — Omicron (HW Media)

US and European Backbone 2 – Giganews

  • US & European-based servers
  • 1100+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloads (no block accounts)
  • Follows DMCA
  • Providers: GiganewsSupernews

US-Only Backbone 1 – UsenetExpress

  • hybrid retention – 365+ days primary/1100+ days secondary via Abavia
  • Unlimited & block accounts
  • Follows DMCA
  • Providers: UsenetExpress (full details here)

US-Only Backbone 2 – Altopia

  • 20+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloading (no block accounts)
  • Follows DMCA
  • Providers: Altopia

European-Only Backbone 1 – Omicron (Eweka)

  • 3700+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloading (no block accounts)
  • Follows NTD
  • Recommended provider: Eweka (full details here)

European-Only Backbone 2 – Omicron (Tweaknews)

  • 3200+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloads (no block accounts)
  • Follows NTD
  • Recommended provider: Tweaknews (full details here)

European-Only Backbone 3: Omicron (XLned)

  • 3000+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloading (no block accounts)
  • Follows DMCA
  • Recommended providers: XLned (full details here)
  • Other providers: SunnyUsenetUsenetBucket

European-Only Backbone 4 – Usenet.Farm

  • hybrid retention – 70 days primary/1000+ days secondary
  • Unlimited & block accounts
  • Follows NTD for primary retention, DMCA for secondary retention via Abavia
  • Recommended provider: Usenet.Farm (full details here)

European-Only Backbone 5 – Abavia

European-Only Backbone 6 – ViperNews

  • 30+ days of retention
  • Offers accounts with unlimited downloading (no block accounts)
  • Follows NTD
  • Provider: ViperNews

88 thoughts on “The Best Usenet Providers For 2024”

  1. Just registered with Tweaknews after reading great reviews. Got a great deal for black friday with 60 connections. Unfortunately I have some bursts that will cap my 300mbps connection, but most of the time it’s below 5MB/s . In your experience is this a temporary issue or is it normal with this service. I still have a subscription and have no problem capping my connection.


  2. Do you know any providers that have data credit bundles instead of a monthly fee? So you can buy 1TB and work through it at your own pace, instead of monthly costs? (besides AstraWeb)

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  4. Hi,

    Currently there are several highwinds providers providing much better prices than the ones listed. One such is newsgroupdirect which is currently running a special at 3.99 a month or $40 for a year with vpn included.

      1. Newsgroupdirect would have the exact same speed and reliability as Newshosting. They are hosted on the exact set of servers. The main difference is just that Newsgroupdirect charges half the price of Newshosting but Newsgroupdirect also includes a free VPN.

  5. Hi,
    I got seedbox in Europe, with a connection 10 Gbps. (And I also live in Europe)

    Should I still pick as main account Usenetserver or Newshosting? And for block account usenet from Netherlands?

    Could somebody give me a short explanation how should I pick up these?

    1. Since you are in Europe, you probably want to use a provider with a server in Europe. So Newshosting is a good choice because they have servers in the Netherlands and Germany.

      Yes having a second provider or block account would still be useful for you, for filling in missing files (see this article where I list my recommended European providers).

  6. You can also try 🙂

    Anonymous& Independent Usenet Provider – NO LOGS, 1€ per month in bitcoin only!

  7. News service = NewsDemon
    Binary News Reader = SABnzbd
    Indexer =
    TV = Sonarr

    bye, bye, torrents forever

    1. Astraweb and Usenet server both provide about 3000 days retention. No provider is 100% complete — the Dutch providers are probably your best bet.

  8. Interesting, never heard of this site but the prices are great. I can’t even find a review of them online.

  9. Hello-I have had trouble with finding a service that has high retention (2000+ days) that does not censor the newsgroups that they carry. Can someone help? Thank you.

    1. Dear Mark,

      Many Usenet providers have a search or full newsgroup listing available that lets you see what is potentially available. Sometimes you have to dig a little bit to find them. For some examples, So try consulting a Usenet search or newsgroup listing to see if they have the groups you want before signing up.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

      – Noah Body

  10. Anyone would think Usenet (no, NOT ‘The Usenet’) was merely for downloading files…
    I don’t see ONE mention here of the text groups. Just sad…

    1. It’s called SEO Sarah…please go create your own text-based non “the Usenet” article and leave us all in peace

    1. Incorrect. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law, thus in only applies in the U.S. The Dutch Usenet providers follow a similar law — the NTD Gedragscode (NOTD: Notice and Take Down).

      1. It appears that Pure Usenet and XLned are both now owned by Highwinds since 2014 (previously EuroAccess). So whilst the companies and servers may reside outside of the U.S. they apply the same management policies as their parent company, which includes take down requests that filter down from the U.S. counterparts.

        1. I don’t know about either of these companies specifically, but take down requests (and all other laws) don’t always “filter down” from parent company to child entities. It depends entirely on the legal structure of the company. I work in a multinational corporation HQ’ed in the US and we have many global child companies, some of which operate under the same name as our parent and yet, because they are separate legal entities, they operate under the laws of the country where those entities are registered. So we have a China subsidiary (separate legal entity registered in China) which can’t be compelled to provide data to the US Government, which is per Chinese laws. No US laws apply to that company, although we do impose some of our own internal rules just to keep us in good ethical standing with our customers – but those are our rules, not laws.

  11. I dont understand why then wouldn’t you use the block account Xlned all the time instead of combining it with Usenet Server. Thanks.

    1. If you download daily, a block account will run out quick, since you have a limited number of GB available. Also, XLned is a separate Usenet feed and it fills in missing files and blocks that may not be available on Usenet Server.

  12. I use this 1 for backup it aint cheap but if you use a low speed account or block account its good for backup. And this is why (from their site)

    Our highly customised software is unique in the world and written from the ground up by us. We combine a multitude of different Usenet providers into one single, easy to use service to ensure that your articles and completion rates are up to scratch – nothing but the best is good enough. We are the only Usenet provider in the world having this unique feature and it ensures that we are able to retrieve your articles, even when they may have been removed or DMCAed at other providers.

    1. I used the link given in your post, and it directed me There I opened an account only to find, that the videos, which I had tried to download otherwise unsuccessful (after successful NZBIndex-searching the data suddenly were just not downloadable), were also unsuccessful with NewsgroupDirect. Beware…

  13. GreyCoder, any suggestions for a person who has never used Usenet before and is wanting to get away from BT downloads? (My ISP has recently become a bit of a nag) I have been googling the crap out this stuff for a while, but it seems like those in the know don’t particularly want newbies to join in. Seems kinda counter-intuitive to me.

  14. You should add some info about usenetbucket – they refuse to accept PaySafeCard if it was purchased in the US. PaySafeCard has nothing to do with this and it’s the decision by Usenetbucket – PaySafeCard is accepted globally and it’s entire purpose is to help people protect themselves from identity theft using their bank/credit or PayPal accounts which can all be subject to fraud.
    This is very fishy, as it indicates that they have been pressured into only accepting payments that are attached to personally identifiable information that can be tracked. What else are they tracking and providing to US authorities?
    I’m avoiding these guys at all costs as this is an indication of distrust.

    1. sorry to be the barer of bad news but you went all the way to south Africa to pay for – Readnews (US Company, one of the big 4 to avoid) -very much uses auto DMCA employed by highwinds, giganews etc. If yoy get past the front page nonsense marketing, and look at the bottom- DMCA- they allude to being a reseller. Little more research will find you to Readnews.

      1. I’ve been using usenet since the mid nineties. Back then, I mainly used it to collect porn (hey, that’s the first thing a guy in his mid twenties wants ) and music. There was hardly any retention. I used SBnews robot (or something like that) before I switched over to PowerGrab. The developer Chris is/was a great guy but after he became a father, he stopped the development. After the introduction of NZB’s I tried several clients but switched over to Grabit and Newsleecher ($39/year), which is still my favorite client due to its SuperSearch functionality. I also use SABnzbd on my NAS.

        Currently, I have three providers: UsenetBucket (€ 40/ year), Astraweb ($15/2 mo) and NextGenNews (500GB block $30) as a fill server. With this combo I can download everything. Most of the few articles that cannot be completely retrieved from Astraweb can be completed with the NextGenNews server. The combo I use varies in time.

        @Thomas You are partially right about the back end of SA’s NextGenNews. I’m lucky to live in Europe (Holland) and the (Dutch) back end. Instead of DMCA we got , that’s one of the reasons I also use an American based USP.

        1. hmmmz something went wrong with my previous post…. XD

          @Thomas You are partially right about the back end of SA’s NextGenNews. I’m lucky to live in Europe (Holland) and NextGenNews uses the TweakNews (Dutch) back end. Instead of DMCA we got NOTD: Notice and Take Down over here, that’s one of the reasons I also use an American based USP.

    2. nextgennews is overrated. retention isn’t that great, but there really aren’t a lot of offshore hosts that can do much better. A lot of error messages like “430 no such article” or “10060 A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time”.

      Never seen so many error messages from one newsserver compared to over a dozen providers that I have tested in the last 12 years. They sold too many accounts and can’t keep up with the demand now. hopefully they get their act together.

      I won’t add good provider names to this list for fear of snitches who report everything back to the MPAA.

  15. Astraweb is the current home of the legendary Usenet Kook, Michael McCarty. He’s extremely productive at spamming Usenet with racist and violent posts about imaginary demons. Astraweb has received probably hundreds of complaints but they continue to serve him.

  16. I use and I never have any trouble with TV Shows and Sickbeard, but I am running 100% fail on CouchPotato because EVERYTHING I download has either “needs codec” or has a password trojan. 🙁

  17. Guys you do realise the people that process these dmca request come to places like here to see which providers to clamp down on?

    I do feel sorry for noobs/people looking for a new provider here but i will say that really what it comes down to is that only YOU know what provider is best for you and nothing will change that.

    The minute people start saying ‘ah yeah, it’s still working on AW or NH’ are literally just making these people jobs a piece of cake, because they then actively go to those providers to file the copyright claim…

    Honestly, its all about trial & error. Because it’s not just the provider you pick that factor’s here, but a multitude of things like geography of location, country, ISP, laws etc that really no-one will have the same experience as the other. The best advice we can give is what matey has done here and listed the three best ones based on past experience FOR HIMSELF on the types of uses intended by the user. Take it or leave it.

    Not trying to be rude but tbh people gotta be more discreet about whats still available and find sites that index nzb’s using long file names with numbers etc like jnfi0thh3u92hugbi5429ngnt42.nzb or whatever..

    I would also make sure it’s a place you trust. That way, you’re damn sure to get it… Most of the time as well, these files name’s get changed as they get decoded to what it really is, now that is smart as fuck..

    This is just my opinion, but hopefully some one would have gotten something out of this that you gotta test the water from different ponds and keep good things alive by being more discreet.

      1. It’s not paranoia, it’s FACT. Keep on keeping yourself in the dark Noblelox. Ignorance buddy, is bliss as they say….

  18. so Iain, what usenet provider would you recommend? been with astraweb for 3 years now and looking for alternatives!

  19. I have been using usenet for over 20 years and rating Astraweb as the best just shows you really don’t have a clue what your talking about (you should of named this your best provider only).

    Their is no best provider anymore with usenet it has come to the point you need to sign up with minimum 3 providers that are using the different networks (Not just different providers look up which network they cover there is a lot of resellers).

    A lot of people will say just jump on EU ones you will be fine with DMCA stuff FALSE I have found the takedowns can happen so quickly due to most US ones are automatic that the EU networks don’t get a chance to even get the complete files which means it’s broken (this will be noticed more with larger files not TV/Music which is very small).

  20. Hi ,I have been with many but for 10.99 you get the easiest NZB reader ,and one you can watch as it downloads,and it repairs files ,a nice indexer ,and a provider with no CAP download 100GB in a month I they wouldnt mind (I never have downloaded so much)download as much as you want it is 10.99 a month for Provider,Reader,Indexer(all you need and you can use any other site you can get into ,they offer 3 other sites Binsearch, NZBindex google groups etc(I have found some great free sites and inexpensive right here on Greycoder
    They have just a Newsreader for my guess is $59.99 ,
    When they have an excellent one for free part of the package for $10.99 its worth trying

  21. Many of these problems for usenet should not apply if the usenet user is using a index(s), has one or more block accounts (using different backends) and has a automated system setup (ie. SB/CP/NZBDrone/XDM/…) that is running 24×7 with NZB Client (sabnzbd/nzbget/…). This way they grab the post before takedown issues and also the index will filter out a lot of viruses/spam/password post.

  22. I found this site after looking for a better usenet provider because any content more than a day or two old on my current provider is usually unavailable/removed. I tried to download something a year old- none of the options worked. What’s the point of advertising 1100+ days retention if everything has been deleted? So I was happy to find this article…until.. I realized Astraweb is the usenet provider I already have giving me all these problems!

    1. Your situation does sound annoying. I use Usenetbucket only on occasion will a media file will have missing blocks. I use Sabnzbd with Astraweb, and NewsgroupDirect as a backup. Perhaps you need to add a supplemental service like NewsgroupDirect that fills in some missing blocks of your downloads.

      1. I don’t know what movies you watch, but I was a member of Astraweb for over two years and had to cancel because of all the DMCA takedowns. It was getting to the point where 80% of the movies or shows I wanted to download were DMCA’ed. I never had a problem with music, however…

  23. Hi to all members on this community i am thanks to the administrator of this forum for approve my account i am sure here i got better knowledge thanks again. My name is Ronald.

  24. Now if you didn’t affiliate link attached three times per every single line of text you added, you might have been more credible.

    1. I’m one of the few credible and impartial people writing about this topic. The affiliate links allow me to continue to research.

  25. I have used astraweb for several years, and I was always very happy. However, they had some server issues about a year ago, and had to “rebuild”. Ever since I have found more and more incomplete binary files where even with par files, they cannot be completed. I ended up using a backup service to “fill the holes”, but paying two monthly fees is expensive. I also pay $10/MO for a VPN service. I too believe the automatic DMCA take-downs are killing the usenet. The law specifies a rigorous process for proving ownership and requiring take-down. I don’t understand why usenet providers are caving so easily, other than out of fear of litigation. I recently cancelled astraweb, due an extremely high incomplete rate. Giganews is the Lexus of providers, and I have used them in the past. When I add up the two services I have been using, plus the VPN server cost, the Diamond service is almost a wash at $35/mo.

    1. I find Giganews signup process confusing, and it has so many offers you have to decline, and other gotchas that I cannot recommend.

  26. DO NOT USE EASYNEWS! They are a sleazy bunch and are experts at bait & switch scams. For example, their advertisements promise 1700 days of retention through NNTP (i.e., through a usenet binary download client such as Forte Agent). But the retention is actually closer to 600 days. When I complained, they said that if I use an NZB indexing service then I can access the older files. Hey, when Forte APN and Giganews promise 1700 days of retention, there isn’t any fine print!!! I can see the older files through my usenet binary download client with their services, and I don’t need to use some third-party indexing service to get what I supposedly already paid for with my so-called “premium service with SLEAZYNEWS.

    1. Another person spreading crap on the internet.

      I’m currently downloading a file from easynews web access that is over 1300 days old!

      Maybe its just you don’t understand how these things work. Like when my wife gets angry at the computer for not doing what she wants……. yeah its the tools that are the problem!

      I stumbled across this site as I too am sick of incomplete downloads. Its getting worse and worse and I believe a new alternative will rise soon to fill the gap.

  27. Akanksha Gupta

    i m making a school admin system this project i m creating a unique id with the help of class,sec, is created.i want with the help of id i creating a QR code.and this qr code show in same page in textbox.and qr code save in folder not in database.i m making a project in myeclipse 8.6. so please give a code or idea.

    1. Check out Bintube its the easiest one $10.99 monthly including the excellent Newsreader you can stream or just get the NZ
      Bintube has a newsreader you can just buy that is simple for $59.99 but I never have problems its free while you pay “I got mine on Astra but Xserver doesnt have it”. NZB like anything else on computer 0,1 ,black white or open, close,binary Google best NZB Indexers you will have many free and cost ones , is best I found it is $75 to join ,I dont know anything higher many are for lifetime some yearly most cost $10 to $15 at $15 oznzb is a good solid site
      If I can help you go to my site (its decrepit)put in your E Mail I’ll do whatever I can to help nut truly I’m superfluous and couldnt believe so many people wrote me with questions ,but Im just like you simple and inexpensiveis best Thank You

  28. Easynews still rock. Best provider I’ve used. Had my easynews account for about 10 years now and I’ve tried a few others and they suck, bad.

    They still have the websearch, you can still zip multiple binaries for a single download and you can now export to nzb to use nntp.

  29. I Agree Atreid…News-servers are screwed! Almost all the good movies have mysterious parts missing and the pars to fix them are screwed too..Really ticking me off…I am moving to another way till there is some uncensored newsgroup out there..has to be one…I will find it 🙂

  30. What about all the DMCA takedowns? These days, providers like Astraweb and Newshosting (actually pretty much all of them) are equipped with automatic removals for DMCA requests… More and more posts are being removed from those servers and they are rendered useless…

    The only good article you could write about Usenet servers would be titled : “Best Usenet server Safe Heavens against DMCA takedowns”… Anything else is meaningless…

    1. The Usenet has been met with some challenges lately (like the closure of the indexing site, however it is still alive and well. My friends tell me they are able to download as easily as before.

    2. American providers have DMCA takedowns, but apparently the Nethersland has its own version of DMCA, so a combination of an American provider and a backup European provider seems to work best currently.

      1. This is incorrect and very misleading. the same rules/laws apply in the Netherlands as in the US. Also there aren’t really any independent dutch specific providers anymore.

        1. The information is correct. The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law, thus in only applies in the U.S.

          The Dutch Usenet providers follow a similar law — the NTD Gedragscode (NOTD: Notice and Take Down).

          DMCA requests are much more frequent than those of the NOTD. This explains why many files can be found on an NL Usenet provider rather than a US one.

    3. Sort of. certain providers ( like usenetserver/highwinds) auto-dmca and destroy articles without any frame oif reference or vetting in under 90 min. However, others are much slower and don’t arbitrarily blow apart newsgroups because they received a bot notification. The key is to find out who, and backfill with a couple block accounts based outside the U.S. I’ve bern using newsgroups for 10 years. There are definitely different challenges today. The two biggest are as you mentioned- Hollywood groups allowed to bully ISP’s and Usenet providers. 2nd is UNS holdings/highwinds buying every provider possible with the goal of essentially owning Usenet (please update your recommendation). They took a massive chunk out of Europe this summer and have already eaten up the smaller providers in the US and turned them into resellers without anyone being the wiser. Almost every single comment on here is a highwinds provider (run traceroutes). That said download technology is much better/faster and in a lot of ways made Usenet even easier. Even if you’re dealing with a crap Usenet service. I guess the key is if you’re willing to do a little homework these days, Usenet can be phenomenal.

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