The Best Seedbox For 2024

Not everyone needs a seedbox — many people are happy downloading directly from Usenet. However, you may want a seedbox if you share a lot of files or want to get a good ratio on a private BitTorrent tracker.

The Best Seedbox Providers

These are my recommended seedbox providers:

  • RapidSeedbox offers root access and many apps as “one-click installs,” including Plex and OpenVPN. Accepts bitcoin, 14-day refund policy. €15 euro ($15 USD) month-to-month. See their Torrenting instructions here. Full review.
  • Gigarapid — all accounts are installed with dedicated servers and a free VPN is included. There are 90 apps available for one-click installation. Regular accounts cost €6.45 per month, and include 700GB of storage, and 5TB of outgoing bandwidth.

What is a Seedbox?

A seedbox is a dedicated, high-speed server for downloading and uploading files. Most people rent seedboxes to achieve very fast torrent or Usenet transfers. Typically, you will see speeds from 100Mbps (8 MB/s) to 10Gbps (1250 MB/s) on a seedbox. However, if you are in North America using a Seedbox in Europe, you can expect to get a maximum of 24 MB/s on a single connection. Opening multiple connections can help.

A seedbox also allows you to avoid ISP throttling and bypass eavesdroppers like the RIAA or MPAA.

Today, many seedbox providers exist — individuals or small companies run most.

How To Use A Seedbox

Generally, seedboxes are set up so you can install Usenet and torrent applications quite easily.

Once the files are downloaded to the seedbox, they can be downloaded to your computer via HTTP, FTP, SFTP, or rsync protocols. You can also directly stream the media from the seedbox with an application like Plex.

Some seedboxes may provide VNC connection or remote desktop protocol on some Windows-based machines. This allows many popular clients to be run remotely.

A Full List Of Seedbox Providers

Here is a list of all the seedbox providers that have been in business for more than a year:

93 thoughts on “The Best Seedbox For 2024”

  1. Seedit4me
    I was busy with a support issue about sonarr config, they referred me to other clients in their discord chat for help. When I queried this they immediately terminated my account and refunded my money without asking me.

    Not cool

  2. Seedit4me
    Hands off . Its a great shit
    1GB line after 200 Torrents Deluge died
    Please looking other its better for you

  3. Greetings,

    xirvik service is awesome it’s the only service i use lot’s of tools high end security for FTP and you’re torrent client and cpanel comes with proxy service and also a personal VPN with you’re sever static IP great support xirvik know what there doing lots of HDD space if you choose a dedicated server which i like and the uptime is very reliable nothing but the best I have to say

  4. One more happy customer here. My review follows :

    – Very user friendly interface
    – Very hard to accidentally mess up, clear red where generally NOT to press
    – Very nice overview and easy to learn. You dont have to be pro or even n00b to figure t out
    – Amazing speeds all the time. UP/DL from home always max speed. Ava rage speed from good sources can easy go over the advertised 1GBps.
    – Amazing package of apps
    – Root access
    – Very cheap for what you get (esp super hero)
    – Amazing tech support 365 24/7 (tested on christmas eve and new years), stated time up to a few hours, have never gone past 30 minutes
    – Friendly and and competent staff
    – Some goddies in the inside forum
    – Overall superb for both beginners and pros
    – TRUE unmetered, no capping, throttling etc

    – Addictive (started with 1 box, now have 7 and no food ) heh
    – No public trackers(maybe be con for someone)

    If you are to choose a box, this is the one. The only competition is having your own server and setup everything from scratch. But as seedbox go, this is your best option

    Its a clear cut 5/5 stars.

  5. thanks for reviews greycoder as i’m still seeking a cheaper sb i think as long as i’m not really getting anything with extra besides i think 5-10$ is fair price that’s why i’m here on your site seeking unimpartial reviews .
    i’ve used rapidseedbox-18mos2018-into 2019.ultraseedbox-2019-9 months.dediseedbox-9months 2019. ultraseedbox again just late 2019–months now seedit4me jan 2020 .my feeling on each exp is below:
    1.rapidseedbox-18mos2018-into 2019-$20@mo approx
    it had unlimited. 1 click apps were great. it had a vpn [i didnt know how to use and yep. ragnarox iso got dmca’d.deleted.
    i used torrent not magnet , probly why ? no probs at all w/RSB..looked again in 2019. not unlimited anymore but still do public torrents.not ant cheaper over time but havents seen such great tutorials or even x2go on anyboxes since.also ftp.
    2.ultraseedbox is a disaster. i’ve seen a lot of people using it but i’ve tried it twice now. took 6-9 mos for tutorials i had to wait for ?revamp ? of tut page . they need to add more.they claim these features but if you’re non linux and a noob @sb they are NOT helpful at all.discord is their answer.let others help you with their crap. meanwhile they’re raking in the cash. not discord peeps. it’s not me. its them. they do public torrents
    3.dedisb-i think was not metered.ftp only. public torrents. not bad not good but did just work at least .good tutorials
    4.seedit4me- just joined in jan. has swizzin which i love. idiotproof it seems. hardware specs seems good but last week i had 50+ torrents seeding and it was redlining horribly. yet it claims xeon 3 .forum is sparse but its new. they do pop into forum actually. i didnt seek help yet for redlining but i will. i need to seed def more than 50 torrents AND it has plex i plan on using or i will move on from them too. only ftp.

    – i really like x2go that rsb had for transfers

    -no one seems to offer guidance on how to use rapidleech tho. i used it in 2009 on ddl forums and it was full of ads back then. i’m not losing my sb credentials because SB providers cant bother to explain a feature or how to use without jeopardizing security of my acct. seedit4me has rapidleech but no tuts.i will be asking them soon but redlining is a bigger issue atm for me.
    usb i specifically emailed for help 3 times with rapidleech. they answered 3rd time but failed miserably at explaining or even trying to help me to use it once

  6. I switched to , couldn’t be happier. Really unlimited b/w, and twice when i fu***d the box(was playing around with some rutorrent settings) they helped me out instead of showing me the middle finger. HIGHLY recommend, for their support alone!

    1. i have used meggafast for 10 years never had a problem, the support is amazing
      cheap pretty quick downloads at 30MBps nice dashboard they upgrade their servers twice a year
      they dont like public trackers but do allow you to use them if you set ratios
      i read some bad reviews but thought i would try them i assume the bad reviews were from peeps who tried to abuse the service as i have never had a problem the guys are always helpful
      give them a go

  7. I almost signed up with your recommendation, RapidSeedbox, but then I checked the small print and they delete torrents if requested by DMCA, so I’m going to stick with my current seedbox, who have never done that since I signed up in 2016, at least not to me anyway

    Thanks for the article anyway, even if it didn’t help, lol

  8. still running good for me. Had it since dumping rapidseedbox in 2018 after they lost all my data due to a crash. Moved to and still with them now, which is Sept 2019.

  9. I sign’ed up at Dedi yesterday and now let’s see.

    My experience with ultraseedbox was only negative. They cut Download speed with FTP to 700kbit/s and every 3 month the server crashes and you must move your data to a new one. Sometimes rTorrent stops working and nobody knows why.

  10. I’ve got one box left online out of ehhh dunno 7? that are still online as of the date of this posting & there’s a problem with their PayPal. I’m raiding that last box for what I can pull off of it, transferring to a long term storage box.

  11. Caveat emptor — read the T&Cs thoroughly! As I have discovered very recently to my concern after a year and a half with, they not only do NOT operate a “no log” policy, but they locked my account after apparently receiving a take down notice (probably “bot” delivered) on a torrent I was running, and they expected me to click an “Accept Complaint” button to unlock my account. Even my UK ISP was not so crass when I accidentally triggered a similar probable automated take down request a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say I am going to get shot of The Seedbox Co “Service” ASAP.

    After a little rapid research I discovered that no halfway decent seedbox/VPN company would be caught dead without a pukka “no log” system to enable them to show the finger to any would-be take down servers, automated or human, and protect their paying clients from such hassle.

  12. Safeseeder is a scam. I signed up over 4 days ago and still haven’t been able to get the setup plus they don’t answer emails or their ticket system. They did take my credit card though and now I have to cancel my credit card. Stinking rip off artists.

    1. Hello Joe,

      I don’t think it’s a scam. Maybe they have a lot to do or having problems. They’re even on reddit. Ask them there.

  13. Hi Greycoder!
    I like to share my experience to all for who searching cheap and reliable seedbox.
    I try all of them , Some providers are too costly because of more diskspace and more speed like Gigabits Per Second.
    But i am just a seeder but everyday i upload 10 torrents in all torrent sites, i find more and more keywords in net like cheap seedbox? but i never find anyone, somedays after my friend recommend me SEEDGEAR.
    i visit their site , its just simple html5 site, i order $4 Box, i got login details with in 30 Mins, i think they don’t have automatic setup script :D,

    they provide below details in my mail

    FTP, ruTorrent, Deluge (Wow) and OpenVPN Details and Links
    First i run ruTorrent speed is pretty good
    Deluge also working smoothly
    FTP – Its works fine but not great like other providers (because of they have own datacenters)
    Openvpn – connected instantly like hideme.vpn and cyperghost premium service

    Overall this guys doing magic through cheap bucks.
    $4 is not cost as a Seeder for Month, i like very much their VPN and ruTorrent , its works like a charm , who provide good vpn for $4??? No one.

    I recommended Seedgear, if you are medium seeders and relax seeding habits, but not for Professionals

    My Rating for 10
    ruTorrent 2
    FTP 2
    Setup & Support 2
    OpenVPN 2
    So 8/10


    1. Seedgear / is a scam.
      This is my review of Seedgear /
      Their website doesn’t work.
      The service is unusable.
      They don’t know how to properly setup the torrent clients.
      Your name and login data is publicly available to anyone else on the same server.
      Their privacy policy is we don’t give/sell your info unless someone asks or we feel like it.
      They randomly change the price and plan without contacting you.
      And they will shut down any account that doesn’t play nice without any notice or refund.

      That was before they just shutdown without a word.

      1. Hi Anonymous,
        I think you are competitor company of SeedGear,
        SeedGear still working, they introduce new plans with Low Price, Don’t do wrong review like that,
        Seedgear facebook page update every server and network status frequently , Don’t create fake id and Fake review, if you are real one, post your mail id and name :),

        Hundreds of Happy customers with Seed Gear, I am proud of seedgear User.

        New Delhi
        1 Year SeedGear User

    2. Our seedbox service gives you a high speed, anonymous connection to our servers so you can download torrents in complete privacy. Our seedbox service is used by people all around the world to download and stream files like movies, tv shows, music, ebooks, software and much more.


  14. I would recommend Rapidseedbox, they have unlimited bandwidth, you can DL both from private & public trackers, and they have really good support.
    + They are cheap

  15. Before semi-retiring & trying a bazillion different seedbox companies, this is what I wound up using:

    The best, bar none, for full setup: the dolphin or what series
    perform well, great support including a shoutbox built in to the torrent client. Expensive, but you get what you pay for. Does not have the ‘instant setup’ but most orders completed within 12 hours. You will NEVER see an account setup like these things. Again, not cheap by any means.

    2nd would be

    Instant setup, good speed etc. easy account setup/access/etc. Not an unlimited bandwidth. Friendly customer service. Overall good experience. NOT inexpensive.

    2rd is my “I need a bunch of cheap space” one
    Which was box4seed. Ran well, uber cheap & seems to be having a major “Ah, crap” moment. I’ve got one box left online out of ehhh dunno 7? that are still online as of the date of this posting & there’s a problem with their PayPal. I’m raiding that last box for what I can pull off of it, transferring to a long term storage box.

    I’ve tried a gazillion (give or take =) ) box companies, before semi-retiring from major upload status, and the upper two have been my best running boxes. Xirvik by miles, to see the interface is like ummm 😐 something.

    YMMV etc etc blah blah etc again.


  16. Name: Seedgear Seedbox
    Speed: 100Mbit (max. 35MB/s down and 25MB/s up)
    Support: very good
    GUI: rtorrent
    Speed of GUI: Fast
    Package: Starter
    Price: $5.99 (Rs.420)
    Overall rating:7/10

    I got this Seedgear Seedbox (india) for 5 days to test it and to do the review. The setup time was extremely fast. I was able to use the VPS seedbox in less than 30 minutes. The box is shared with max 12 people and max 3 users per HDD. You get 1.5GB RAM.

    The download speeds were amazing. Max was about 35-40MB/s, and the average @10-15MB/s. ANd the upload speeds were also very good. I saw a max. speed of 25MB/s, but usually it was around 5-10MB/s. I uploaded a torrent and i was seeding it for a whole hour at speed 20MB/s. The box has irssi plugin installed. I tried downloading through normal RSS and irssi, and both is working well. I downloaded small — link removed — 0Day torrents in seconds! (look the screenshot below). I uploaded about 300-400GB per day and a total of 1.5TB+ in just 5 days.

    The GUI is working fast, although sometimes it had some problems and was running a little slow, but overall is good. The disk speed is good, sometimes everything freezes when deleting large torrents and then you have to wait for a minute or two.

    Support is very good. I had a problem so i wrote to them and i got the response in an hour and they solved my problem soon after that.

    They Provide Seedbox from $2..

    Excellent Service..

    URL :

    Location Country : Chennai, India

  17. Feral Hosting — i contacted there support i believe i got the owner what a jerk i didn’t understand that i had to micro manage the computer resources and he said it was supposed to be common knowledge…yeah…

  18. I use Feral Hosting and I have been happy with them for a year. I want to ask the community a question if I may. I use a VPN to connect to my seed box, the torrent download is very fast and I am pleased with Feral Hosting on this issue. However, when i connect via FTP (Filezilla) lately i get very good download speeds than slow to 180kbs from 1.4 Mbs. IS this a function of the seed box or the VPN/ISP provider.


    1. I am less than happy with them, as every time I remove stuff to stay in my limit it gets taken by other users on the slot because they refuse to use proper disk management.

    1. used to be extremely cheap. But in the process of a pricing model change they just zeroed everyone’s accounts and refused to provide any sort of refund or compensation for services that had already been paid for. Petty fraud, but fraud nonetheless.

    1. I used to use Ultraseedbox for about a year, until their FTP download speed dropped from 1 – 2 Mb/sec to about 20- 40 Kb/sec (!!!). Each time I contact their customer service they ask me to check the download speed at various locations and then send them reports, which I do. Then they recommend me to connect via proxy which does not work. Then I contact their customer service again and they again ask me to check speed at various locations, etc., etc. They totally ignore my letters and respond with the ‘canned’ messages. All that for $30 a month? Forget it, I’m shopping around for a better service and better deal.

      1. I had the same exact issue with their FTP transfers. The box would download/upload torrents at amazing speeds but as soon as I tried to download anything to my PC via FTP the speeds dropped down tremendously to the point where it was taking multiple days just to transfer a file. I filed a few tickets asking them what’s up, ran their “speed tests” and got told they’d switch my server around but none of that ever happened. They were also really good at promising things then never following through on it, constantly telling me day after day that my request would be done within the hour, within the day, within the next day, etc. I am no longer with Ultraseedbox and I am now shopping around for someone who isn’t flaky.

      2. i have had similar rotten experiences with several seedbox hosts. i think they intentionally give new users good speeds so that you hand over some cash, and then the service takes a serious nosedive. i cannot believe that it has been a coincidence each time it has happened.

  19. Meggafast are a scum. Do not use them or you will have daily problems!!!

    Problems all the time on torrents not downloading whille there were seeders and their reply was ” this is on a public server we can’t help”

    Then rutorrent was unable to connect and they said the configuration files were missing (i didn’t delete them) and they didn’t respond if they would fix it or not. Their next step was to also block the sftp account so i ended up paying them for nothing and cancelled my subscription

    Waiting to see if my money will be refunded or not… JUST KEEP AWAY FROM THEM!!!!

    1. My payment was always on the 4th which was their deadline. They were paid through paypal on the 4th at around 2pm but they had already cancelled my subscription. Took the money and the support was so rude. Looking for a new seed box now

  20. You can use Seedbox hosting of SSdapp. I’ve been using for a year and I feel very good quality.

    Their SeedBoxes come with unlimited bandwidth and upto 400GB of disk space, FTP and HTTP access with fully encrypted connection. Server located in France and USA.
    Price start from €5.99

    1. I made the mistake of getting one of there boxes. It took over a week for them to get my order right and to get the password and IP right so I could access my box. They set me up three different times before I could even get into the box with the information they sent me. I kept all the emails and tickets between me and them if there is any question to what I am saying. I will never use these guys again and would not give them any kind of positive feedback.

    2. do not use there scammers i ordered a vps from them for a dedi seedbox i ordered it 2 days ago and still not setup was supposed to be instant. there support is non existant i got one reply in 30 hours about the vps not setup with a reply saying we have escalted this to second line support lol dont exist never heard of a company that pass from one support agent to another lol not unless its a technician thats dealing with it lol. ive been using vpses for over 8 years now with virpus and trust me i know there support can be bad at times but at least they do fix the problems!!

      STAY AWAY FROM SSDAPP.COM as you will just be giving them your money for nothing!!!

      This is no joke they are real scammers so i found out the hard way and now currently opened a request with paypal to try get my cash back its not alot but its not the point.

    1. I took your advice and checked out I like what I saw and have sent an email for additional
      information. If I get the answers I am lookin’ for, I too will be a Box4Seed client.

      1. for the first month everything was good, but now, they have problem with my server and i lost ALL my files.

        they are taking over a week to reply, i’m still without access, and they charge me for the next month, but i still don’t have access to my old server or to a new one…

    2. the first month everything was ok, but they have a problem with my server and i lost all my files… they offer me another server with the promise to try to recover my files… a week later, i’m still without access to my old server or the new and i’m not getting any reply from them… and of course, they charge me for the next month…

    1. Seedgear / is a scam.
      This is my review of Seedgear /
      Their website doesn’t work.
      The service is unusable.
      They don’t know how to properly setup the torrent clients.
      Your name and login data is publicly available to anyone else on the same server.
      Their privacy policy is we don’t give/sell your info unless someone asks or we feel like it.
      They randomly change the price and plan without contacting you.
      And they will shut down any account that doesn’t play nice without any notice or refund.

      That was before they just shutdown without a word.

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