Freya: A Fast and Open Replacement For Windows & OS X

Freya is a fast and open replacement for Windows and OS X. It is Ubuntu Linux based. I’ve been using it for about a year now and  I’ve found it to be fast and stable operating system.

A company like ThinkPenguin will pre-install Freya on a computer for you. This is the easiest way to switch to Linux.

To complete Freya, I recommend using Elementary Tweaks, and installing Numix Circle Icons.

If you need more privacy in your Operating System I suggest trying Tails or Knoppix.

2 thoughts on “Freya: A Fast and Open Replacement For Windows & OS X”

  1. I tried both flavors the other day. Luna and the Freya beta. They both failed spectacularly for different reasons, and apps in Freya crashed and burned too often. It made me sad, because I was really excited to start using a quality, well designed (albeit ripping off a lot of Apple) Linux distro.

    I still need to get around to repairing my UEFI thing since the computer currently boots to a broken GRUB. T_T

    BTW, just discovered your blog and I’m loving the super clean and minimal design. Excellent work.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Freya is now quite stable for me — I’m testing on a pre-built installation from ThinkPenguin — updated with daily builds from Elementary OS.

      The appeal of Freya is that it’s a Linux distribution that Mac users can immediately pick up.

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