Major Releases From ElementaryOS and AdGuard

ElementaryOS Releases Juno

Elementary OS is the “fast, open, and privacy-respecting replacement for Windows and macOS”. They’ve just released a new version of the operating system called Juno. This update is quite impressive — see details here.

AdGuard Releases AdGuard Home

AdGuard has released a new application called AdGuard Home. It is a network-wide ad-and-tracker blocking DNS server. Its purpose is to let you control your entire network and all your devices, and it does not require using a client-side program. AdGuard Home features a web interface to easily manage the filtering process.

AdGuard says:

Throughout the last four years, our apps for Android and iOS were continuously hit by Google and Apple, who forced stricter and stricter limitations on ad blockers. We always wanted to develop a product that wouldn’t depend on the will of some third-parties and instead would be 100% controlled by the user. AdGuard Home is specifically designed to fulfill this purpose.

More info here from AdGuard.

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