How To Buy Prepaid Credit Cards With Bitcoin

Here’s a list of services that allow you to buy prepaid credit cards using Bitcoin:

Services That Don’t Require Identification

  1. Bitcoin Company app allows you to purchase a Prepaid Visa Credit Card. No personal information is required. Available on iOS, Android and web (beta). Supports Lightning payments.
  2. Use Bitcoin to buy a Prepaid Visa Credit Card with Bitrefill — you’ll receive a code that can be redeemed on MyPrepaidCenter. Here they will issue you a virtual credit card — you’ll have to fill out some personal information, although this can be any name you want.
  3. Moon (USA) — Currently paused due to an issue with their bank — Allows you to purchase Moon Visa Prepaid Cards with crypto — they can be used where Visa cards are accepted online in the U.S. — crypto is converted to USD as soon as it’s loaded to the card.

Services That Require Identification

  1. Cash App (USA) — allows you to buy and sell Bitcoin — funds are available via a physical card.
  2. Shakepay (Canada) — Requires a non-virtual Canadian phone number — to apply for it, you need to sign up for Shakepay’s account and verify — doesn’t include a physical card.
  3. Netcoins (Canada) — they give you 3% back in Bitcoin with every purchase for the first 3 months and 1% back thereafter — this card is not available for Quebec residents
  4. BlockFi (USA) — 1.5% back in crypto on every purchase

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