Orion: A Very Fast Private Browser With Compelling Features

Orion is an impressive new web browser built by Kagi. We’ve mentioned Kagi before regarding their search engine service.

Orion has been built from the ground up as a privacy-respecting browser. It is a zero telemetry browser — no user information is sent to Orion by default.

Orion is only available for Apple devices (Mac and iOS). On Macs, Orion uses WebKit behind the scenes (like the Safari browser). This is notable because most browsers on the market are running some variation of Google’s Chromium. As a result, Orion is very fast and lightweight.

Orion supports Firefox and Chrome browser extensions natively. You can get extensions from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Add-Ons.

Orion is currently in Beta, so there are a few things that need refining. For example, the Bitwarden extension does not autofill correctly in Orion.

Reader Mode

Orion gives you a one-click Reader mode. You can click on an icon on the left side of the address bar to activate (or press ⇧⌘R). The settings are remembered in website settings for return visits to the same website.

Built-in ad and tracker blocking

Orion comes with state-of-the-art ad and tracker blocking enabled by default.

Mobile browser

Orion mobile features.

Orion iOS is a full-fledged mobile browser that syncs all user data with the Orion desktop browser:

  • Full ad and tracker blocking built-in
  • Blocks YouTube ads
  • Allows Picture in Picture in YouTube
  • Open links in native apps, similar to Opener app, all built-in
  • Some extensions work out of the box on mobile (for example, Dark Reader, Bypass Paywalls..)

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