The 3 Minute Guide To Online Privacy

I want to browse websites anonymously.

Use the anonymous Tor web browser — it’s free and available for Linux, Mac, Windows, Android and iOS.

I want to stop my ISP (or Work or School) from monitoring me.

Use a VPN (virtual private network). Use Firefox with privacy plugins installed, see this article for more information

I want to buy something anonymously with a credit card.

You can get a Vanilla Visa or Simon card, See this article for more information.

I want to visit blocked/censored websites.

You can use a VPN (virtual private network).

I want to keep hackers away while I travel and use WiFi hotspots.

Use a VPN (virtual private network), and a password manager like Lastpass.

I want to email privately.

You a reasonably private email provider (list here). The free GnuPG can be used with any email account, but it takes some time setting up. The easiest tool to use is Mozilla’s email program, Thunderbird with the Enigmail extension.

I want to use Bittorrent anonymously.

Use a VPN while you torrent. You can also join Usenet.

I’m interested in a private alternative internet.

See Usenet. If you are tech savvy, try Freenet or I2P.

I want more anonymity — I want to use an entire anonymous operating system.

You can run special Linux distribution from a CD/DVD drive (e.g. Tails). See this article for more info.

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  2. I recently published a 15 year writing endeavor:

    I have been listened to in my home for seventeen years; still don’t know how they do it. I chucked the smart phone just because I don’t know how to protect myself from the stalkers and bullies I attract. Plus, everything is “synced’ and I don’t like that. I am getting less capable of fighting them off, as technology keeps changing. I know I am monitored on my computer, in my home, over the phone, and with gps on the car. How on earth are we able to keep ourselves safe when the majority of stalkers are infiltrated through the legal system: cops, sheriffs, fbi, lawyers, etc.?

  3. What about my cell phones. I am targeted I am a witness in a criminal court case as I witnessed police in integrity as they best up my friend and then slashed his civil rights up when he was out of a car in our driveway and they detained and forced a search against his will and his public appointed lawyers told him IH well you will lose if you ask for suppression of evidence as a fruit if a wrongful search. NOW THE GLENDALE AZ POLICE DEPT IS TRACING MY PHONE AND ARE IN AKK MY DIGITALS PHONE LAP TOPS USING STINGRAY TECH ST FIRST THEN HAVE WORMED
    INTO MY SOFTWARE AND I believe are set up as the original assigned admin by running the admin background software and I figured out how they did it but I can’t make a call we are akk set for trial and the cops ate monitoring calks to the lawyers my doctors as I am disabled everything. In fact one cop sends me remote hints already highlighting the tech they are now using. Sent me a full blown music play list designed to read by the respective titles threatening me if I open my mouth. How can I get them for this prosecute who in the hell do I take all this info to? The police ha ha very funny. I am a victim now . please can you contact me.

    1. hello my name is isha ware I enjoyed your lecture at Cambridge public library my phone has water damage need new one looking to move new apt don’t know where and also hacked on facebook do you know a new phone and teach me how to use internet so I don’t get kicked off or know morden tech don’t have email long time ago face book using library card at camb library on pearl st went to mit printed page email you cant be found I live look me up old number or library card or isha ware face book mail me letter or come by my address talk in person isha ware 223 concord turnpike Cambridge

  4. Great article, great website! I would hope you would update this article with options on how to anonymously buy/sell (exchange) cryptocurrency. Thanks in advance!

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