Neeva: A Private & Ad-Free Search Engine

Neeva is a private and ad-free search engine.

During my tests I found Neeva to produce well-presented, relevant results. Like Kagi (another paid search engine), Neeva allows members to upvote and downvote individual websites. However, Neeva does not allow members to customize the search results completely. For example, you cannot remove Neeva’s “Image” or “Discussions” blocks from search results. Kagi does offer this level of customization.

Neeva‘s free membership offers a full-featured search. Free members can also set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices. The free account allows 50 searches per week.

The premium membership costs about $50 USD per year or $5 USD per month. The membership includes a Bitdefender VPN account.

Kagi’s yearly cost is $120 per year, which is more than double Neeva’s $50 per year. Kagi can be thought of as a premium search product for technically-inclined individuals.

Neeva also offers an iOS browser app and browser extension. The browser extension works with all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and Safari. Both the mobile app and browser extensions block trackers.

Neeva’s User Data Privacy

When you use Neeva, we associate a limited amount of information about you with your account to make the product better for you. This information is automatically deleted after 90 days by default. This information will never be sold to anyone or used for the purpose of selling you products. You can see the list of things we associate with your account in our privacy policy.

From Neeva FAQ

Service Summary

  • Developed by Neeva Inc in the USA
  • Proprietary and Freemium product
  • A subscription that costs about $5 per month
  • 100% ad-free and doesn’t share user data with any third party

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