DeepL Offers Private Translations More Accurate Than Google Translate

DeepL Translator is one of the best translation services available. The service is run by a German company with a good privacy policy.

The company claims that in blind tests comparing DeepL Translator to similar services, expert translators preferred DeepL’s results by a factor of 3:1.

DeepL translations can be performed on their website or via apps for iOS, Windows, or Mac.

DeepL Translations Are Private

DeepL states that all texts are deleted immediately after the translation has been completed. The translations transmitted to their server are fully encrypted and cannot be accessed by third parties. All operations comply with European Union Data Protection laws.

Update: Apparently, the free version of DeepL may not respect your privacy. The texts of free users are used to train and improve the neural networks and translation algorithms.

Here is the relevant information in the Privacy Policy:

The transmission of these texts is necessary in order for us to provide the translation and offer you our service. We process your texts, the documents you upload and their translations for a limited period of time to train and improve our neural networks and translation algorithms.

Source: Privacy Policy.

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