Report: Most Free Proxies Spy On Your Activities

kumi_yamashita_shadow_art_1Many people use “free” and “open” web proxies to access Netflix and other streaming services when traveling outside the U.S. However, new research suggests that most of these services attempt to spy on your internet activities.

An Austrian researcher, Christian Haschek, recently tested 199 free proxy services. He discovered that 33 modify HTML and steal cookies, another 17 tinkered with JavaScript, and 157 sent user traffic without encrypting it.

He states:

Just because a proxy doesn’t actively modify your content does not mean it’s safe to use. The only way to use a free proxy and be somewhat safe is if it’s HTTPS capable and you’re only surfing on HTTPS enforced sites.

Haschek has created “ProxyCheck — an online tool that allows users to enter the IP address and port of a free proxy service, to check if it is secure.

Overall, a better solution is to use a reliable smart DNS service or a reliable VPN service.

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