A Better iOS Authenticator: OTP Auth

OTP Auth is an authenticator app that can replace Google Authenticator and Authy. OTP Auth is a better choice overall. The app syncs your authentication data across multiple devices using iCloud. It can also create password protected backups of your data. All encryption occurs on your device and it can be unlocked using face or touch id.

All data stored by OTP Auth is stored using AES-256 strong encryption. This includes the data stored in the iCloud Drive (if iCloud Sync is enabled).

OTP Auth can be used with any service that uses one time passwords. This includes services like Dropbox and GMail with two-step-verfification enabled.

OPT Auth is available for iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch.

There is also a paid version available for MacOS. It integrates with the Safari browser, but it also be used as a stand alone app.

Data Privacy and Security

OTP Auth does not collect information from user, and no information is sent from the app.

OTP Auth does not connect to the internet and will not send your accounts to someone else. If iCloud sync is enabled, an AES-256 encrypted copy of your accounts is stored in your iCloud Drive. The password for that copy will never leave your phone.

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  1. Greetings,
    Does this app for 2FA security if you loose you’re phone or something happen to this app what happens ?


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