How To: Make Your Android Device More Private


Here’s a simple guide to increasing privacy and security on your Android-based mobile phone or tablet.

Android comes with some privacy tools built-in. However, depending on your device and its manufacturer, Android’s privacy features may not be enabled by default. Plus, there are additional tools you can install to make your device more secure and private.

These actions will help make Android more private:

  • Turn on the lock screen and enable a password to prevent unauthorized access. These steps are so basic that they can be easy to overlook — but they’re vital for privacy.
  • Install an anti-theft app. We recommend Prey. With a tool like Prey, you can lock your device remotely and recover information if it is lost or stolen.
  • Encrypt your phone calls and texts with apps like RedPhone and Signal.
  • Uninstall any apps you don’t use. This keeps your device more secure by reducing the opportunity hackers have to break into your system. It also gets rid of apps that might try to collect information about you — like the Google ones that usually come installed by default with Android (which is a Google platform, and therefore designed to help Google collect information).
  • Install a VPN. Here’s a list of ones we like. A VPN will encrypt all of your online traffic, which is especially important if you are connected to an open wifi network while on the go. It also gives you access to blocked Web content.
  • Consider using a fake identity to register your device. You can use a site like Fake Name Generator to get one.

7 thoughts on “How To: Make Your Android Device More Private”

  1. Good tools, thanks!
    What about the device/os/services configuration such as for location recording, applications histories (such as browsing the net), or storage services that do process the information to learn things from the user.
    Just for giving an example, Android and Google services are gathering a lot of information from you and your using of the device, services and apps on it. I will suggest to review the configuration and make sure you agree with them. You may get surprise the amount of info they gather from you and your use of the device.
    In my case, I’ve switch off the options regarding location recording, browsing history and even backup data.
    For lazy users like me (sometimes) if you prefer to use torbrowser (tor + foxybrowser for android, or onion browser iphone) will help you browse privately and without censorship.

  2. LEO Privacy helps in protecting the private data or information from the prying eyes. It is one of the best privacy apps for Android. My favourite feature is anti-theft. It helps in keeping the Android smartphone safe.

  3. I had LEO Privacy on my old phone and am getting on my new phone I definetly recommend this app it works really well and haven’t had any problem with it. So If I was looking at privacy or lock apps I would definetly say this is the app for you ????

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