How To Watch The Winter Olympics Online

The Winter Olympics is expected to draw a TV audience of about 3 billion. NBCUniversal is offering comprehensive coverage, with 539 hours of television broadcasts. And as it did with London Olympics, the network will be streaming every single competition live on its website and mobile apps. However, NBC, which is owned by Comcast, is once again restricting all of its live streaming coverage to cable/satellite/telco subscribers, who must log in with the username and password of their pay TV account.

Alternative: Use A VPN To Stream Video From Canada or the U.K.

Luckily, broadcasters in other English-speaking countries don’t impose such a limitation. The BBC is offering more than 650 hours of live competition on its streaming site, and Canada’s CBC network is serving up 12 feeds of live event coverage online. Both networks offer mobile apps as well.

The BBC and CBC are required to restrict streaming access to domestic users, a practice known as geo-blocking. Attempting to access video streams in other countries will bring up a message saying that the content is not available in your location. This restriction is based on your computer’s IP address.

However, can get around this restriction by making use of a VPN. To do this, you connect to a VPN provider, and choose a server that is Canada or the U.K. You can then access all the streaming video.

You can find a list of our recommended VPN providers here.

Download Via Usenet

You can also download Olympic coverage from the Usenet. This is a good method if the live streams tend to buffer and pause. See this article for more information on the Usenet.

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