A List Of Notable Lightning Wallets

Here are some notable lightning wallets for Bitcoin:

Phoenix Wallet

Phoenix (iOS and Android) — this Bitcoin wallet has a simple user interface — it utilizes Lightning natively. Phoenix handles everything under the hood, making your payments faster and cheaper.

Muun Wallet

Muun (iOS and Android) — this wallet is notable because it allows you to perform Lightning and on-chain Bitcoin transactions from a single wallet, but it’s not a native Lightning wallet. Instead, it uses submarine swaps, which require on-chain fees.

Wallet of Satoshi

This was generally considered to be the easiest-to-use lightning wallet for iOS. However, newer wallets Phoenix are also very easy to use.

Wallet of Satoshi is a zero-configuration custodial wallet – iOS and Android.

Mutiny Wallet (Beta)

Mutiny is the first self-custodial lightning wallet that runs on the web. This wallet does not depend on Apple or Google app stores; no downloads are needed. It’s currently in Beta, and the developer doesn’t recommend using the Mutiny for large transactions.

Mutiny is designed to make lightning self-custody available to everyone. It allows you to run a full lightning node on your device.