A List Of Cheap VPNs That Unlock Netflix In 2019

by Grey One •

Here’s a list of reliable VPN providers that can unlock Netflix, and have not been blocked by Netflix:

  • VPN.AC — all servers works, $4.80 per month for yearly subscription
  • ExpressVPN — a bit more expensive, but reliable and works very well – his VPN refreshes its IPs servers regularly which helps a lot. $6.67 per month for yearly subscription
  • CyberGhost — works well with Netflix, $2.75 per month for yearly subscription
  • Private Internet Access — you must use the U.S. Midwest servers or UK servers, $3.33 per month for yearly subscription

These VPN providers do not support Netflix unlocking:

  • IPVanish — company confirmed that they do not support
  • NordVPN — slow connections, frustrating customer service
  • HolaVPN – doesn’t work, also very unreliable
  • Hotspot shield – can’t stream Netflix

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  1. I disagree with that part about Nordvpn, I use this provider, and I did not have any connection problems. And I talked with their customer support once, but with me, they were super friendly and solved my problem very quickly.

    1. My experience with Nordvpn customer service was awful and lasted two weeks. Nordvpn seem to have positive comments pop up like this all the time on the site — more than any other provider by far. I get the sense that I’m being spammed by Nordvpn.

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