TapSigner: Sign Bitcoin Transactions On Your Phone With A Tap

TapSigner is a simple Bitcoin wallet that fits in your pocket. It is essentially a Bitcoin private key on a card. You can sign mobile wallet transactions by tapping the card on your phone.

TapSigner is an air-gapped device, meaning it is physically isolated from the Internet. It uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to communicate with your phone, and the private key stored on the TapSigner card is kept offline.

TapSigner is designed to work with any wallet app that is compatible with NFC technology. It is most commonly used with the Nunchuk Wallet on iOS and Android. You can also use the Sparrow Wallet on Android.

Here’s a video showing how the device works:

Each TapSigner made by Coinkite carries a certificate, signed by the Coinkite factory, which can be traced back and verified, ensuring the authenticity of the device

The TapSigner card is available for purchase at the Coinkite store.