The Best Usenet Providers With Servers In Europe

Many people are interested in knowing which European Usenet servers are reliable. I’ve tested these services over the last couple years, and these are the best providers I’ve found:

  • NewsDemon: Servers in USA and UK. A reliable provider since 2001. Details here.
  • Newshosting: fast, servers in the US, Germany and the Netherlands, excellent completion rate, includes VPN, $10/month…more details here.
  • TweakNews: a fast European provider, excellent completion rate, $9.45/month. More details here.
  • XS News: a fast European provider, good completion rate, accepts many currencies including Bitcoin, $9.75/month. More details here.
  • Eweka: fast European provider, good completion rate, $11.40/month…more details here.
  • Usenet.Farm: a European provider that allows anonymous accounts, accepts Bitcoin,$9.45/month…more details here.

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