The Best Usenet Providers With Servers In Europe

by Grey One •

Many people are interested in knowing which European Usenet servers are reliable. I’ve tested these services over the last six months, and these are the best providers I’ve found:

  • NewsDemon: Servers in USA and UK. A reliable provider since 2001. Details here.
  • TweakNews: a fast European provider, excellent completion rate, $9.45/month. More details here.
  • XS News: a fast European provider, good completion rate, accepts many currencies including Bitcoin, $9.75/month. More details here.
  • Newshosting: fast, servers in the US, Germany and the Netherlands, excellent completion rate, includes VPN, $10/month…more details here.
  • Eweka: fast European provider, good completion rate, $11.40/month…more details here.
  • Usenet.Farm: a European provider that allows anonymous accounts, accepts Bitcoin,$9.45/month…more details here.

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