The Best Usenet Indexes Of 2016


In A Nutshell

Before you can download from the Usenet, you need a provider — these are my recommended Usenet Providers.

If you need a basic NZB search try Binsearch — this public search engine is a easy to access, but basic.

If you need a better organized, more comprehensive NZB search, try a member-only site. These sites tend to come and go, and they are often closed to public registration.

Here are my recommendations:

  • OZnzb: Open registration. Good index. Now requires a email verification & free accounts limited to 5 searches per day.
  • NZB.is: Open registration. Appears to be a very good index.
  • NZB.su: Very comprehensive index (I use this one) — but registration is by invitation only now.
  • NZBGeek: Open registration. Search is a bit slow, but otherwise very good.
  • Nzbplanet.net (open registration, search produces good results but not quite as comprehensive as others)
  • DogNZB (open for registration for short periods every few weeks — now open May 2nd)
  • NZBmegasearch (a stand-alone app – here’s a guide to installing it in the cloud)
  • aBook.ws (by invite only — indexes audio books)
  • NZBHangout (newly open for registration but require invitation code)
  • Nzbfriends.com (seems to be the same as Binsearch)
  • nMatrix (private registration — not currently open)

The Best Usenet Index Overall

Update March 2015: NZB.is may be the best indexer with open registration now.

OZnzb is one of the best NZB indexes. You may wish to opt for this service since the registration is currently open to everyone. The only catch is that there is a fairly annoying captcha test each time you log-in.

Free accounts are limited to 5 searches per day. This limit is removed if you pay $16 per year for VIP access (100 Downloads / 1000 API Calls per day).

Before you can start downloading from Usenet, you need to pay for Usenet access from a provider. You can expect to pay about $10-$20 per month for access. I recommend UsenetBucket (Netherlands) — see my article The Best Usenet Provider for more details.

The Best Usenet Client: SABNZDb

You’ll need an application to download all your files. My recommended app is SABnzbd (for Windows, Mac and Linux). If you download a lot, consider saving files directly to an external hard drive.

Use a VPN

It’s unlikely that you’ll be spied upon when using the Usenet, but it is still a possibility. Using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a straightforward way to conceal your IP address, and ensure your privacy. The best VPNs are those have policies that allow P2P transfers on their servers, like Private Internet Access. See all my recommended providers in this post: The Best VPN For P2P.

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  1. Ty Myrick

    Thank you for providing this information. Is there any chance I could get an invite to abook.ws, please? Thank you very much.

  2. Stonington

    I need nzb.su invite. Have waffles.fm invite to trade. Jackturnerinc at hotmail dot com

  3. mike

    Thanks for the article! I’ve been looking for an invite to NZB.su for about a year now… 🙁
    Mind tossing out an invite?

    1. Charles Bryant

      Would LOVE an invite to NZB.su Ive got one of the largest Plex servers on the net and would like to expand my downloading capabilities.

      Would be MUCH APPRECIATED!

  4. Arsenal

    I am surprised to see nzb.ag not on this list. It has been online in three forms since I joined it a few years back. Very reliable index and admins dont ask for any money at all – no donation no bitcoin nothing, been great. Would recommend it, also it is run by a few of the nn or nzedb guys which is great.

  5. Bento

    Please add NZBFinder.ws to this list as it’s one of the finer indexers out there and has been running for over 2,5 years now.

  6. Lee

    Are you aware of any apps out there which can help find duplicate movies/shows and then let you select which to delete based on quality, audio capabilities etc?

  7. Craig

    It was my understanding that a usenet server would hide your IP. Is an additional VPN still needed?

    1. web master

      Using a VPN with a Usenet is mostly unecessary. Basically, if you use secure connections to Usenet server, the only thing that your ISP can see is that you are making a secure connection to a Usenet provider. A VPN will mask this secure connection.

  8. Gerardo

    Spain has become renowned for that level of internet piracy present.
    The creation of Dish Network portals has reduced the price tag on satellite
    TV channels greatly. A number of musicians have been can not sustain themselves thereby they have opted to
    doing other ventures of the side.

  9. phenom

    Why NZBgeek is not in the list.. it is far more superior nzbsite among others..
    it is community based with friendly people in it. also great support through chat system or forums..
    it is fast.. especially their new feature geekseek. you can use this feature for auto send to ur sab or nzbget without using sick beard or cp anymore to manage things..

    it has filtered from password or fake…
    it has request section.. which is awesome.

    give it a try and if you registered don’t hesitate to pm me (phenom) for referral.

    1. Greyone

      The provider gives you access to Usenet, you get access all the messages and binaries.

      An indexer allows you to search via keywords, for media or messages on the Usenet.

      A Usenet client is the application that allows you download the media.

  10. PirateNZB

    PirateNZB – Now Open for Registration
    Visit PirateNZB
    Free User account limited to 10 downloads per day and no API access
    Automatated VIP upgrade for £5 GBP per year
    Enforced SSL
    1500 days backfill and indexing 192 groups
    Previews TV, Movies, XXX and Audio for VIP members
    VIP members allowed 1000 downloads per day and 5000 API hits
    Fake and Passworded releases automatically removed
    16 CPU Cores and over 24GB of RAM used to index Usenet

  11. nzb

    Another good indexer with api support and everthing you need:


    Top Highlights:
    – api compatible with sabnzbd, nzbdrone, sick, cp and similar
    – respecting privacy: no tracking at all, no ads, no logs
    – updating at least every 15 minutes
    – movies, tv and xxx backfilled up to 1.5 years
    – predb infos, movie screenshots and lots of useful functions

  12. Daguzz

    Where can i find scene releases like this SunnyHill-1st_Album_Part.A_Sunny_Blues-WEB-KR-2014-LEV

    1. buck

      You’re right, it recently went invite only. However, it’s fairly easy to get in. You can just drop by the chat, read the topic and politely ask for an invitation. Another way is /r/usenetinvites on reddit.

  13. craig

    cant belive jttp://nzbplanet.net is not up there, its probibley better than 99% of those above sites?

  14. Mar Brock

    Hey stay in there ,I think NZBS.org in july 1 2014 is best then Dog and nab.su are tied and are the best but they dont make magic ,they get you better and faster NZBs sometimes but they all do the same but spome are better stick with it and oznzb too ,try reddit a friend got all the ones I mentioned and there are other good sites ,sites cant get too big or they wont exist at all

  15. italianbruv

    ive been using nzbplanet.net for over a year now since nzbmatrix went down,i found them loads better than other indexers currently out there

  16. oznzb

    the new version of SABnzbd has just been released and now supports full integration into OZnzb.com ratings and reporting system. Once enabled you can rate all releases downloaded from OZnzb.com and post comments and/or report any problems all directly from inside of SAB. There is also an option to automatically report problems with releases like passworded/encrypted, out of server retention and missing blocks.

    •Upgrade embedded unrar to 5.01 and (partially) support RAR5 format
    •Support for more meta-data in NZB files (to be used in TV Sort)
    •Optional integration with the OZnzb indexer, allows user access to ratings and reporting > * directly from SABnzbd interface.
    •Optional automatic feedback to OZnzb on failed downloads
    •Commandline option –pidfile to set your own PID-file name/path (Unix and OSX)
    •Basic support for X-DNZB-Failure and X-DNZB-Details headers, sent by some indexers
    •Support rate-limiting by (a number of) indexers
    •Special option “warn_dupl_jobs” to suppress/enable warnings for duplicate jobs
    •Special option “flat_unpack” to ignore folders inside archives

    Bug fixes
    •Fix false encryption alarms for some posts
    •Fix issue with OSX Mavericks Notification Center support
    •Fix issues with passwords embedded in file names
    •Support UNC paths in Sort expressions (Windows)
    •Add password entry boxes in smpl and Classic skins
    •Prevent unwanted change of queue order after editing job details
    •Allow Default category to be picked in Multi-Ops

          1. FinalAngel

            Would you still have an NZB.su invite left? Still looking for one 🙁 want to start with this too. (finalangeljp (at) hotmail.com)

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