All Your Usenet Questions Answered In One Go

Many people have questions about downloading from Usenet. Hopefully these answers will help clear things up.

What is the Usenet?

Created in 1979, the Usenet is one of the original distributed networks. Still in wide use today, the Usenet now contains a enormous amount of media and messages.

What Are Some Of The Best Usenet Providers?

Generally, Tier 1 providers. See my article The Best Usenet Providers for more information.

What Is The Best Usenet Client?

My choice is SabNZBd. See my article The Best Usenet Client for more information.

What is the best Usenet/NZB Search Engine?

Right now — See my article The Best Usenet Indexes.

How Safe Am I Downloading From Usenet?

In general, you are safe from eavesdroppers while using Usenet, especially if you use SSL connections. In its 30 year history, no one has ever been sued for downloading anything from the Usenet. To be extra safe, you can use a VPN when downloading.

How Can I Speed Up My Connections?

  • For starters, you only want to use 8 – 15 Usenet connections at a time. If you use more, it may actually decrease your downloading speeds. However, if you have a 100 Mbps connection it makes sense to use 50-60 connections.
  • Often slow Usenet downloads are caused by a slow ISP, ISP throttling, home networking issues, or a slow computer. Check on those factors.
  • You may want to switch to a Top Tier 1 Usenet provider, because they tend to have faster speed than resellers

Does Getting A Block Account Make Sense?

Yes, if you have a problem with takedowns or incomplete files.

The best way to avoid this is to get a block account that draws from different Type of Tier 1 Povider. For example, if you are using UsenetServer, you could get a block account from XS News.

Here is a quick guide:

  • Giganews: SuperNews, Usenet.NET, PowerUsenet, Rhinonewsgroups, Nextgennews
  • UNS Holdings: Newshosting, Easynews, UsenetServer, Eweka, Newsdemon,  Agent Usenet Service,, AtlantisNews, BargainNewsfeeds, BinaryBoy, BinTube, ENSnews, FirstLoad, FlashNewsgroups, Illiminews, Iload, MaximumUsenet, Megabitz, Meganetnews, Netfeeds, Newsgroup-Access, Newsgroupdirect, Newsgroup-binaries, Newsgroups-Download, Newsguy, Newsleecher, Newsrazor , Prepaid-usenet, RedOrbNews, Shemes, Simonews, SnelNL, Sonic-News, Supernewsfeed, TheCubeNet, TheNewsgroups, Thundernews, Tigerusenet, UncensoredNewsfeed, Usenet-access, Usenet.Nl, Worldusenet, XLUsenet, YottaNews, Z51
  • Readnews: AnonyNews, BitUsenet, Blocknews, Chundle, FastUsenet, FrugalUsenet, Newsreader, Nextgennews,, Secretusenet, Usenet-News, Usenetnow, Usenetworld,
  • Astraweb: Nextgennews
  • XSNEWS: 4UX, Aeton, Astinews, EasyUsenet.Nl, Gebruikhet, Iusethe, Newsconnection, Newsgrabber, NewsXS, PowerNews, SimplyUsenet, SMSUsenet, SSL-News, Usebits, Usenetbucket, Usenet-to-Go, UsenetXL, Usenext, Wondernews, XSnews, YabNews
  • EuroAccess: Extremeusenet, 123Usenet, MijnUsenet, PureUsenet, SunnyUsenet, TransXS, UsenetByOrder, UsenetCompany, Usenet.Pro, Voordeligusenet, XLne

Also, getting a block account with a long retention time (over 2000 days) may be useful, if you are using a main account with a lower retention time (for example 1200 days).

It Is Worthwhile To Use SSL Connections?

In theory using SSL connections to the Usenet have very little impact on your downloading speed. However, for variety of reasons, non-SSL connections do tend to be faster than SSL connections. However,  if you use non-SSL connections you downloading speed may end being throttled by your ISP.

How Many Connections Should I Use?

In most cases you only want to use 8 – 15 Usenet connections at a time. If you use more, it may actually decrease your downloading speeds, unless you have a 100 Mbps connection, in which case it makes sense to use 50-60 connections.

How Much Should I Pay For Usenet Access?

On average, Usenet providers charge about $10 per month or $95 per year. One exception is Giganews which charges about $35 per month for their bundled service.

Which Usenet Providers Accept Paypal?

These providers accept Paypal payments:

Which Usenet Providers Accept Bitcoin?

These providers accept Bitcoin payments:

Which Usenet Providers Accept Amazon Payments?

These providers accept Amazon Payments:

5 thoughts on “All Your Usenet Questions Answered In One Go”

  1. The best way to do any downloading or streaming is using a secure VPN, not one of the free ones but a good one. The purpose of using a VPN is so that you have an encrypted connection, not just for downloading, if you’re using your credit card online is just another good reason. I travel for work a lot and I can tell you when I am at the airport or at a coffee shop using the public WiFi I am so glad that I am using a VPN, because then Hackers can’t see my laptop on the free network. You probably have seen a ton of different VPN services out there and I have tried at least 4 different ones (1 free one).
    I wanted to share my experience with everyone so that maybe I can save you guys some time. After using these service and research, including talking to friends, I can say that there are only a small number that are the best out there. Things I looked for when I was researching: 1. Do they do any logging of my IP ; Can I the VPN on multiple devices; Does their systems implement a kill switch ( disconnecting you from the internet if for some reason you lose connection to the VPN ); do they have worldwide servers

    After all this… the one that worked the best for me is , that’s who I have been using and still do, I had used the others for less than a month and had several different issues so I didn’t continue the services. Well hopefully this helped someone

  2. This guide could potentially help by giving even more details!


  3. Many thanks for the comprehensive ‘primer’.

    What I’d dearly like to have explained – diagrams/flowcharts are good! – is how the various components fit together and what the dependencies are.

    I am using SickBeard, SABNnzb, OZNzb and currently have a usenet subscription through which I think is effectively Usenet.

    All works well but I don’t fully understand which program performs which task.

    I believe that the start point is the need to have a usenet subscription but that’s about it.

    Could you suggest anywhere that I could find out how they all work together?


    Simon, Australia

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