Bitcoin News Bits – February 2024

Here are some of the latest Bitcoin news stories:

  • US Department of Energy announces ‘emergency’ data collection initiative targeting US Bitcoin Miners starting next week.
  • Bitcoin’s 12-month annualized volatility falls to 45% — the lowest level in 12 years.
  • Bitcoin network achieves one million active addresses, signaling increased adoption.
  • Bitcoin whales increase holdings by $3B in January.
  • El Salvador‘s vice president says the country will stay committed to Bitcoin after their national election, regardless of IMF blackmail attempts.
  • German police confiscated 50,000 BTC valued at over $2B from the operators of the defunct movie streaming portal, Movie2k, according to new information released recently.
  • UK police confiscate nearly $1.8B in BTC linked to a Chinese investment fraud, court told in trial involving money laundering accusations.
  • Argentina’s president Javier Milei drops crypto tax plan.
  • Machankura announces a Bitcoin Java Card project at the inaugural Adopting Bitcoin Cape Town conference that enables feature phones to become Bitcoin self-custodial devices.
  • Shuken promotes ‘Not your node, not your rules’, helping individuals run a Bitcoin node, and aims to reach 1 million Bitcoin nodes by 2030.
  • by Bitkit counts down the days before unveiling their new proposed symbol for the satoshi unit.
  • Dmpling is a content monetization platform that empowers creators to earn sats for their content
  • Finland’s FBI says they successfully tracked Monero transactions.