I’m Currently Testing These WordPress Full-Site-Editing Block Themes + Web Hosts

I’m currently testing these WordPress configurations with Block Themes:

  1. Rocket (web host) + GeneratePress Premium (full version of this minimalist theme) + Extendify (theme agnostic block library — reportedly fast) + Fathom (lightweight analytics)
  2. Rocket + [Wabi or Wei] block themes with style variants + Lunarlytics
  3. Pantheon (web host) + AinoBlocks (full site editing [fse] block theme) + SimpleAnalytics (private, lightweight analytics)
  4. WPX (web host) + [Neve] (WordPress theme) + Otter Blocks + Plausible (lightweight analytics)

I’m also testing these WordPress hosts & themes:

  1. Pantheon + Kadence Theme
  2. JohnnyVPS (web host from johnny) + Blocksy Pro
  3. Servebolt (premium host) + Raft (new full-site-editing theme from ThemeIsle (makers of the Neve theme) + Otter Blocks
  4. Artisan Themes — clean & impressive-looking themes

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