Bricks Builder 1.6.1 Release: Support For CSS Grid

A new version (1.6.1) of the Bricks Page Builder has just been released.

In the latest version, you can now turn any layout element (section, container, block, div) into a CSS grid layout by setting the Display setting to grid.

Bricks’ documentation on CSS grid layout

However, even the developer acknowledges that this initial CSS grid support is raw. You have to be already very familiar with the CSS grid layout to use this feature. See this video for more details:

Bricks: Service Details

Bricks (by Thomas Ehrig and Luis Godinho) is a page builder that outputs lightweight WordPress blocks with smart asset loading.

Notably, Bricks works as a theme and not a plugin. The Bricks Builder price is $99 for one site lifetime license or $299 lifetime for unlimited sites.

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