IconScout: A Library Of 85,000 Animated Images

IconScout has a collection of 85,000 animated icons, including Lottie Animations. Lotte animations are larger than icons and are easily inserted into a web design.

A sample of a free Lotte animation.

IconScout is adding 2000 animations to its library per week. They also offer 963 free animations (requires free registration).

You can download animations in these formats:

  • JSON
  • GIF
  • AEP
  • MP4

The Lottie is a new image format created by IconScout. Images in Lottie format are very compact, but they require the use of a plug-in if you want to incorporate them into WordPress pages.

You can customize the animations to fit your color palette.

A sample of a free Lotte animation.

Link: IconScout

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