Automatic.CSS & Frames: Powerful Layout Tools For Bricks & Oxygen

Here are two CSS tools that you can use with the Bricks and Oxygen page builders:

Automatic.ccs: A CSS Utility Framework

Automatic.css (ACSS) is a CSS utility class system. It provides utility classes and CSS variables for automatic responsive, scalable, and fluid typography and spacing. This page explains all the features.

It’s the only utility class system to offer Auto Grids –– automatically responsive grids that don’t require mobile utility classes or span adjustments.

ACSS can be used with any WordPress page builder. It is commonly used with the Bricks theme, and this link describes how to install Automatic.css with Bricks.

The cost is $69 per year for three websites.

Frames: A Wire Framing Tool

Frames is a wireframing tool that allows you to wireframe full pages and templates directly inside Bricks Builder.

It’s also an accessible component library that adds advanced functionality like accessible carousels, accordions, toggles, sliders, modals, and more to your development workflow.

Frames is built with AutomaticCSS (ACSS), and it requires that you have an ACSS license. 

The cost is $69 per year for three websites.

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