The Fastest YouTube Replacement: Riverside Rocks

This site is the fastest interface to YouTube in the U.S., with a latency of 153ms from the East Coast.

The Invidious is run by Riverside Rocks, which seems to be a group of privacy enthusiasts. They run a variety of servers — see this page for a list.

More About Invidious

Invidious is an alternative front-end to YouTube. It’s lightweight — the homepage is 4KB compressed — and it does not require javascript to play videos. It is also free of ads and trackers.

Invidious is open-source and can be downloaded.

Here is a full feature list:

  • No need to create a Google account to save subscriptions
  • Audio-only mode (and no need to keep the window open on mobile)
  • Tools for managing subscriptions:
    • Only show unseen videos
    • Only show the latest (or latest unseen) video from each channel
    • Delivers notifications from all subscribed channels
    • Automatically redirect homepage to feed
    • Import subscriptions from YouTube
  • Dark mode
  • Embed support
  • Set default player options (speed, quality, autoplay, loop)
  • Support for Reddit comments in place of YT comments
  • Import/Export subscriptions, watch history, preferences
  • Does not use any of the official YouTube APIs
  • Developer API

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