OTP Auth: A Private Two Factor Authenticator App For iOS

OTP Auth is a two factor authenticator app with a focus on data privacy. This app can replace Google Authenticator and Authy.

The advantage of OTP Auth is that your authenticator accounts are not sent to any server, no ads are shown and no usage data is collected.


  • Offers a backup solution (password protected)
  • Offers iCloud Syncing for multiple devices
  • Easy access to the actual security key and QR code if you want to switch to another app
  • On Device encryption and unlockable with face id and touch id (or password)
  • Apple Watch support
  • No outside server involved, just your device and iCloud if you want it to be


  • Only exists in the Apple universe, so switching to an Android device will result in the need to scan all QR codes again (but less cumbersome than switching from Google Authenticator).

Don’t Confuse This App With “OTP-Auth”

Note that the app I am reviewing here — “OTP Auth” (by Roland Moers) shouldn’t be confused with another app called “OTP-Auth” which is made by the Chinese developer Hao Wang.

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