Weekly Tips on Using Bitcoin and Ethereum Privately

Here are my weekly tips for using Bitcoin and Ethereum privately:

  • Manage Bitcoin and Ethereum privately with a Trezor Model T and the new Trezor Suite desktop app or web app
  • Exchange Ethereum tokens directly from Trezor as your secure hardware wallet — using MetaMask
  • Move your Bitcoin into a Segwit Bech32 wallet on Trezor — this makes Bitcoin transactions faster and cheaper
  • Keep a Bitcoin balance on Bitrefill for fast giftcard purchases — you can also hold a balance in USD or Euros if you wish
  • Keep a Bitcoin balance on Cash App — this makes cashing out Bitcoin more convenient
  • Keep many cryptocurrency balances in Edge Wallet — a zero-knowledge wallet for iOS and Android — supports Segwit Bech32
  • Use Zerion as a simple interface to DeFi — it provides a nice overview of all your Ethereum activities
  • Use CoinGecko to get the latest coin prices and coin research

Photo credit: Bridgette Chen

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