A List Of Working Alternative Interfaces To Various Social Media Sites

I’ve found these working alternative interfaces to social media:

FreeTube (YouTube Alternative)

FreeTube is an open-source desktop YouTube player built with privacy in mind. You can watch YouTube without advertisements with Google tracking you via JavaScript. Instead, FreeTube uses the Invidious API.

FreeTube is available for Windows, Mac & Linux.

SafeReddit (Reddit Alternative)

SafeReddit is a fast and non-tracking interface to Reddit. It is an instance of Redlib. This is an interface that is similar to LibReddit, but it’s more reliable. Reddit was blocking IPs from accessing the JSON endpoints, but Redlib doesn’t use those anymore. Instead, they emulate an official client, which currently doesn’t have any kind of IP blocking (probably because they don’t want to ban any mobile VPN users).

Hckr News (Hacker News Alternative)

hckr news is a nice clean interface to Hacker News. It was made so you can easily access a chronological list of items that have made it onto the Hacker News homepage. Here’s the about page.

Nitter.UnixFox.Eu (Twitter Alternative)

Twitter is mostly locked down now, but this interface seems to still working: nitter.unixfox.eu.