A List Of Private & Decentralized Social Networks

Below is a list of are social networks that are decentralized and/or private. I do not necessarily endorse the users or content of these networks:

  • Sociall – an Instagram replacement that emphasizes user privacy — has an associated crypto token — plans to use a blockchain for data security
  • Mastodon: A twitter replacement that is community owned and ad-free — see also the site for the overall project
  • Minds: A user-oriented Instagram alternative — open-source and encrypted
  • Ruqqus: A social network for “uncensored discourse”
  • Tildes: A Reddit style site that mostly covers technology and geek topics (currently invite only)
  • Lobste.rs: A Hacker News style site that focuses on programming and technology
  • Raddle.me: A news-oriented discussion site
  • Frendica: A decentralized social network
  • Notabug: A decentralized peer-to-peer Reddit alternative

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