A List Of Bitcoin Collaborative Custody Providers

These services offer collaborative custody of your Bitcoin:


Unchained offers Bitcoin “vaults,” a form of self-custody where a customer holds the keys to their Bitcoin, and Unchained acts as a security partner. The vaults are designed to eliminate a single point of failure.

Unchained is headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company holds about 2 billion dollars worth of Bitcoin for its customers. This Bitcoin is held in cold storage (in hardware wallets not connected to the internet).


Swan recently introduced a “collaborative custody” service using Blockstream’s hardware wallet, Jade.

Like Unchained, users control their Bitcoin via a 2-of-3 multisig setup. The customer securely holds two keys offline with two Jade devices. Swan has a third key to assist with recovery if needed.


Casa offers a multi-signature “vault” service where multiple keys are stored separately. Uses a multi-signature setup (“multisig”) requiring 3-5 keys to access funds, preventing loss of funds if one key is compromised.


Bitkey is a new self-custody Bitcoin wallet developed by Block, a company co-founded by Jack Dorsey.