Organic Maps: Detailed Maps and Routing Available Offline (Free)

Organic Maps is a free, open-source navigation app for Android and iOS devices. It uses crowd-sourced map data from OpenStreetMap and features no ads, location tracking, or data collection.

Organic Maps allows you to search and route without an internet or cell signal, making it good for hiking trails or areas with poor connections.

The app was developed by the same team that created and is meant to be a privacy-focused fork of that app

List Of Features

  • Offline maps with detailed hiking trails, cycling routes, contour lines, etc from OpenStreetMap.
  • Turn-by-turn navigation for walking, cycling, and driving, with voice guidance.
  • Fast offline search, bookmarks/favorites, import/export of GPS tracks.
  • Dark mode, efficient battery usage,
  • No ads, tracking, data collection, or registration required – Verified by Exodus Privacy project.