A List Of Recipes For Speed & Privacy

The recipes below produce fast and private results. Each link goes to an article that provides more information on that ingredient.

Fast & Private Usenet Recipe

NewsDemon ($3 / month for 50GB download) + (Orion Browser or Brave) + NZB.SU ($15 per yer) + SabNZBd + NZB Unity + Plex

This recipe provides fast access to the media on Usenet.

A Fast & Non-Tracking YouTube Recipe

  1. (Orion Browser or Brave) + Riverside Rocks (Invidious)
  2. FreeTube

Browse YouTube and subscribe to channels privately.

Fast Web Site Recipe Under $400 Per Year

WPX (5 sites — $250 per year) + WordPress (free) + Twenty Twenty-Three Theme (free) + W3 Total Cache (free) + Autoptimize (free) + Fathom Analytics ($140 per year) — a total yearly cost of $370.

This is a recipe for a fast and inexpensive WordPress site.

Fast Online Store Recipe Under $500 Per Year

Rocket.Net ($300 per year) + WordPress (free) + Astra Theme ($40 per year) + WooCommerce (free) + Fathom Analytics ($140 per year) — a total yearly cost of $470.

This is a recipe for a fast WooCommerce store.

Fast & Free Search Engine With No Ads Recipe

(Orion or Brave) + Neeva

This is a recipe for fast web searches with no ads.

A Fast & Non-Tracking Reddit Recipe

Private Internet Access ($40 per year) + (Orion or Brave) + LibReddit

Browse Reddit quickly and privately.

A Fast & Private Web Browser

Private Internet Access ($40 per year) + (Orion or Brave) + AdGuard (free or $40 lifetime pro) + Buster + LibRedirect

Speedy, secure web browsing.

Fast News Headlines

Brutalist Report: A text-only compilation of news articles — here are selected subsections — Tech – News – Business – Science – Culture – Politics 

Browse news headlines quickly.

SkimFeed — here are selected subsections — Design – Investing – Long Reads – Mobile – News – Politics – Reddit – Science – Tech – Trend – Youtube – Weather 

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