Neeva Introduces “FastTap” for a Faster Search Experience On Mobile

The Neeva App offers one of the best search experiences on mobile device. The app uses the Neeva’s private search engine with ad-free and customizable results. The app also offers a “FastTap” feature that allows users to bypass a search results page entirely. Results are presented as clickable options instead.

Neeva has its own crawler and an independent web index. Search results are currently powered by a combination of their index and Bing.

Neeva has a free service is customizable to decent degree, but with limitations. Those limitation are removed in the paid version. The free acount also allows users to set news and shopping preferences, and search from multiple devices. Neeva says these accounts will have “No obligation to pay, ever.”

Neeva Company Information

  • Home Page: Neeva
  • Search Engine Type: Free and Subscription-Based
  • Launched In : 2021
  • Headquarters: Mountain View, CA, USA
  • Search results source: Bing and Neeva’s own crawled index

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