Mojeek — A Private Web Search That Uses An Independent Index

Mojeek is a privacy-friendly search engine based in the UK. Over the years, Mojeek has built up its own independent web search index. The index now covers 5 billion pages (as of March 2022). This is impressive and makes Mojeek a unique search alternative because doesn’t base its search results on one of the three big search indexes (Google, Bing, and Yandex).

Most alternative search engines get their organic results primarily from Bing. This includes search engines like DuckDuckGo, Qwant, Brave, Ecosia, and SwissCows. Others get their results from Google — like StartPage and Whoogle.

Mojeek Search Results

Mojeek produces many interesting and relevant search results, but also produces some mediocre results. You can read more in this detailed test of various search engines including Mojeek. Note that this test was performed in 2020, so the results may be different now.

Mojeek Search Index

Mojeek appears to have the third large web index. Statistics on search engine page counts are surprisingly scant. Here are some educated guesses on index page counts:

  1. Google (somewhere between 45 billion and hundreds of billions)
  2. Bing (unknown — maybe 5 billion? )
  3. Mojeek (5 billion)
  4. Yandex (more than 2 billion)

About The Company

Mojeek was created in 2004 by Marc Smith at the Sussex Innovation Centre. Currently, it is funded by private investors. The company is considering opening up its APIs and taking advertising to bring in further income.

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