How To Create An Advanced Usenet Search With NZBHydra2 and Multiple Indexes

Here’s how to create the most comprehensive index of Usenet media — you combine three or four Usenet indexes by using the application NZBHydra2.

NZBHydra2 is an open-source application that runs on a Linux, Mac, or Windows computer. You can configure it to combine two or more Usenet Indexes. It will remove any duplicates from the results — it will also filter the results (if you wish).

NZBHydra2 runs as a Java application — so you’ll first need to install Java Runtime Environment or OpenJDK.

Once installed, can then download media from a Usenet provider with long binary retention. I suggest using NewsHosting or UsenetServer — these providers index media going back more than 4000 days (about 11 years).

You can also combine Usenet providers. However, you’ll want to avoid combining providers that have duplicate content– see this article for more information

I suggest using three of these indexes:

  • $15 per year for VIP access
  • NZBFinder: 10€ for VIP access
  • NZBGeek: $12 per year or $40 for VIP lifetime access
  • VIP access costs £8 ($10) per year or £40 lifetime

NZBHyra2 requires API access to the Indexes, so you may need to subscribe to get VIP access.

NZBHyra2 is compatible with SABNZB, NZBGet, Sonnar and Radarr.

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