Chat GPT-4 Can Now Access The Web

You can now access a web-enabled version of Chat GPT-4.

On May 12, OpenAI announced that users who pay for ChatGPT Plus could access beta versions of its chatbot with web browsing and plugins.

The web-enabled version is somewhat difficult to find. You must do the following:

  • Purchase a Chat GPT-4 Plus subscription for $20 per month to use
  • Visit to pull up ChatGPT. In the bottom left corner, click on the three dots by your email address, and then choose Settings and Beta features. Ensure the button next to Web Browsing is green and toggled to the right. 
  • Go back to the main page for ChatGPT, start a new chat window, and click on the GPT-4 option at the top of the screen. Hover your mouse over “GPT-4” and select Browsing to let the chatbot search the internet for answers to your prompts. Subscribers are allowed a limited number of web browsing prompts per day.

More About Chat GPT-4

Chat GPT-4 is a chatbot developed by OpenAI. GPT-4 refers to the latest version of OpenAI’s GPT language model that powers ChatGPT.

Some key facts about OpenAI ChatGPT and GPT-4:

  • ChatGPT was released in November 2022.
  • OpenAI recently released an updated version of ChatGPT powered by GPT-4. This was announced on March 14, 2023.
  • GPT-4 is more capable than GPT-3.5, can handle more complex tasks, and is optimized for chat applications like ChatGPT.
  • Access to GPT-4 powered ChatGPT is through a paid subscription plan on OpenAI’s website.