Tresorit: Cloud File Storage With End-To-End Encryption

Tresorit is a new encrypted cloud stroage provider, based in Switzerland.

I’ve been testing their service for a few months, and it has performed well. Tresorit works in a familar Dropbox-type fashion. However, the difference is that Tresorit encrypts your files before they are uploaded to the cloud.

This is what is called “end-to-end encryption”. It means your files are protected by strong cryptography while being uploaded and downloaded to your computer.

Tresorit is also designed to be a “zero knowledge” service — this means Tresorit employees can’t see your data because they don’t have access to your password. Similarly, hackers would also be unable to read your files.

For businesses, Tresorit also allows a group of users to share secure content without trusting any administrator or third party provider.

Tresorit has apps available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Tresorit runs on multiple Microsoft Azure datacenters located in the European Union (the Netherlands and Ireland).

Tresorit offices are located in Switzerland and Hungary with partner offices in other countries, including UK and USA. User data is protected by Swiss privacy laws, which are stricter than those in the European Union.
A full FAQ can be found here.

Tresorit prices start at about $11 / month (with a yearly subscription). For payment, they accept Paypal and credit cards (no Bitcoin unfortunately). During the sign-up process, Tresorit asks for your address but doesn’t appear to verify it.

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