A List Of Inexpensive Bitcoin Seed Phrase Storage Solutions

A seed phrase is a list of words that stores all the information needed to recover Bitcoin funds. It’s a key component of self-custodying your Bitcoin.

You want to store your seed phrase on something that will survive an event like a house fire or a natural disaster. Because of this, I’m basing my recommendation on the durability tests by Jameson Lopp for each device. The specific tests included:

  • Heat Test: The devices were subjected to extreme heat at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit (1093 degrees Celsius), twice the temperature of a typical house fire35.
  • Corrosion Test: Lopp tested the devices for corrosion resistance by exposing them to muriatic (hydrochloric) acid4.
  • Crush Test: The devices were subjected to crushing forces to assess their structural integrity and resistance to physical damage6.

Listed below are the best seed storage devices I’ve found:

Cryo: Stainless Steel Plates

Cryo is an inexpensive, reliable storage device. It’s a stainless steel plate that you punch with holes. It’s available on Amazondurability testsdevice home page – $35.

Black Seed Ink

Black Seed Ink is a straightforward backup method – you write your words on a metal plate. The words can be read easily, unlike the punched metal solution. This device is not as durable as the Cryo, though, see the – durability tests.

Block Seed Ink – $27, 3 for $16 – there’s a similar device on Amazon.

Safu Ninja

Safu Ninja is a DIY solution that works well. Here are the durability tests. This solution makes more sense if you get a Blockmit Washer Jig

Here are a couple more expensive options:

However, these solutions don’t seem to be any more durable than the other solutions listed above.