What Search Engines Do I Use Currently?

Listed below are the search engines I’m currently using. Combined, they offer a very comprehensive set of search results.

1. A Self-Hosted SearXNG Search Engine

I use a self-hosted SearXNG meta-search engine. It combines results from seven major search engines. It is hosted on a Digital Ocean VPS (virtual private server).

The results are proxied from Google, Qwant, Neeva, DuckDuckGo, and Wikidata.

Note that DuckDuckGo incorporates results from Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex — so these search engines are not used directly.

I use SearXNG because it offers better mobile browser optimization than SearX.

2. A Kagi Paid Search (With Customized Domains + Lenses)

Kagi is a subscription-based search engine. It is customized with a domain list filter + other search result customizations.

I also use Kagi Discussion Lenses and other personalized Lenses. Lenses are curated groups of websites.

3. A Neeva Paid Search (With Customized Domains)

Neeva — a private search engine — customized with a list of favored domains

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