Bitrefill: Use Bitcoin To Purchase Hotel & Flight Giftcards

These services allow you to use bitcoin and other cryptocurrency to buy flights and hotel stays:


I’ve used BitRefill to book flights and hotel several times. You find can these travel-related gift cards on BitRefill:

  • Flightgift — this giftcard allows you to book at flights with 300 airlines in 70 countries — up to $10000
  • — giftcard can be used to stay in 100,000+ places in 200 countries — up to $2000
  • Hotelgift — use giftcard to stay 200,000 hotels worldwide — up to $10000
  • Global Hotel Card — use giftcard to stay in 350,000 hotels — up to $1000 giftcard
  • AirBNB — up to $100 giftcard
  • Uber — up to $300 giftcard

BitRefill supports the Bitcoin Lightning Network which makes purchases much faster. However, you need to send Bitcoin from a wallet that supports the Lightning Network — for example Wallet of Satoshi on iOS and Android.


eGifter is another reliable gift card buying service. eGifter offers these travel gift cards:

  • Amtrak — purchase U.S. railway tickets — up to $500
  • Tripgift — use at 600,000 Hotels, Villas & Apartments — 16 Cruise lines — 2000 Tours and Packages –500 Car Rental Partner providers — 50,000 Excursions — 20,000 Airport Transfer locations — $250 card max
  • Various cruises line

Here are some other gift card providers that offer travel gift cards:

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