A Summary Of Essential Greycoding Services

Here are my recommended greycoding services. I’ve favored services don’t require deep technical knowledge.

Adguard is the most sophisticated ad-blocker available. You can use it on all devices.

For reliable VPN check out ExpressVPN or IPVanish.

ProtonMail is a good encrypted email provider.

Bitwarden is an open source cloud for passwords and secure notes.

Sync is a full encrypted cloud provider — however the apps are not as fully featured as pCloud. This is inevitable to some extent, since everything is encrypted.

Privacy.Com is a service that allows you to make online payment using virtual cards instead of your physical payment card information. A similar service is Europe is Revolut Premium.

ZLibrary is a comprehensive e-book downloading site.

FreeTube is an open source and ad-free YouTube player.

PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting site.

MediaHuman YouTube Downloader is a good video downloading app.

Newsdemon is a good Usenet provider. You can use it with NZB.SU (index) and SabNZBd (downloader). Once your media is downloaded you can use Plex as a media manager.

1337x.to is a good torrent index.

Mastodon is a twitter replacement that is community owned and ad-free.

Trezor Model T is my recommended crypto wallet.

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