A List Of Services That Block Ads, Spammers, Trackers, and Malware

The services listed below will greatly reduce exposure to spam and malware (malicious software). Overall, they give you significantly more control over your personal information and communications.

Hushed: To Create A Virtual Public Telephone Number To Avoid Spam

Hushed Is a service that allows you to create virtual phone numbers. The phone numbers are fully functional and can be used for both calling and texting. This is an excellent way to keep your phone number private and avoid things like text spam and information collection — $40 USD per year.

AdGuard: Block Ads, Trackers, Malware

AdGuard is an industrial-strength ad-blocker that runs in the background. It works at the network level so it covers all applications — also blocks browser trackers and malware. I consider AdGuard an essential addition to anyone’s computer — $65.88 USD per year (or $80 lifetime).

SimpleLogin: Create Virtual Email Addresses To Avoid Spam

SimpleLogin — allows you to create virtual email addresses. You can then easily control and block these addresses — this greatly reduces your exposure to spam and tracking — $30 USD per year.

Privacy.Com: Create Private Credit Card Numbers

Privacy.Com allows you to create virtual credit card numbers. You can control card spend limits and you can deactivate cards instantly — $120 USD per year.

Other Services For Personal Security

  • Proton.Me — offers a virtual private network, encrypted email accounts, and encrypted file storage — in a combined service — $102 USD per year
  • Bitwarden — secure passwords storage with a versatile password generator — $10 USD per year
  • Bitdefender — reliable malware scanning for mac and windows — make sure to uninstall the bundled VPN service — $60 USD per year

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