A List Of Software That Allows You To Run Your Own Social Network

Below is a list of free software that you can run and create your own link posting site or a social network.

  • Whaller: Create private social networks — ad-free and respects your data rights
  • Postmill: Postmill is a straightforward link posting system — see it running as Raddle
  • Mastodon: A twitter alternative
  • Notabug: Free software that runs an old-school reddit-type system — (not to be confused with NotABug.org)
  • Tildes: A self-hostable online bulletin board. The code is licensed under GPL 3.0.
  • Akasha – A decentralized online bulletin board using IPFS and Ethereum.
  • Lemmy – A self-hostable link aggregator intended to work in the Fediverse.
  • MeWe: Create a social network in a privacy-respecting environment

Some of these servers have public instances running — note that these communities are often uncensored and libertarian-leaning.

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