Let Your Child Explore Your Computer Without Worries — Use A Virtual Machine

A virtual machine makes it possible for your child to explore your computer freely without fears of configuration problems or lost files. If things do stop working, you can delete the virtual machine, restore from a backup, and the child is back with a working machine in just a few minutes

You create a Virtual Machine by running another operating system within an application on your computer. Most people use the free Virtual Box application from Oracle to do this, although you can use another virtualization application such as Parallels.

I recommend using a kid-centric operating systems such as Linux-based Qimo.

Here’s how to set things up using Virtual Box:

  1. Install Virtual Box (free)
  2. Download the ISO of an operating system (e.g. Qimo)
  3. Boot the ISO file inside your Virtual Box application
  4. Configure the VPN settings inside your Virtual Machine
  5. Use internet applications anonymously inside the Virtual Machine

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