Apps That Use The Lightning Network

The Lightning Network allows a huge number of people to send and receive bitcoin instantly for minuscule fees.

The Bitfinex exchange, OKCoin exchange and Strike App have already integrated the lightning network so that people can deposit and withdraw bitcoin using it. The Kraken exchange will be integrating the lightning network later this year.

  • Strike App – Great app that lets you buy and sell bitcoin on the lightning network
  • Cash App — Another good payment app
  • Fold App – You can buy gift cards using bitcoin on the lightning network without KYC
  • Bitrefill – You can buy gift cards using bitcoin on the lightning network without an account or KYC
  • Bylls – Pay bills and send cash to anyone in Canada using the bitcoin on the lightning network
  • Moon – Shop anywhere online that Visa debt is accepted, by using secure virtual prepaid Visa cards bought instantly with bitcoin on the lightning network

Exchanges where you can buy and/or sell bitcoin using Lightning network

P2P Trading exchanges with base currency support for Lightning network

  • HodlHodl (💵, ) [NO KYC] ← Not available in the U.S. [Lightning network is implemented simply as a payment method allowed for buying bitcoin.]
  • Paxful (💵, ) ←Announcement
  • Many P2P trading exchanges either explicitly allow bitcoin on Lightning network as a payment method, or have an “Other” payment method that is a catchall in which the details of the payment method are located in the details of the trade offer.

Crypto-to-crypto methods

Precious Metals

Trading / Investment

Debit Cards Funded Using Lightning Network

Retail and e-Commerce Payments

Lightning Network Wallets


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