The Best VPN For Android

The Best VPN For Android

The VPN Providers listed below have the best Android support. You can read my full reviews of these VPN providers in my article The Best VPNs.

  • Private Internet Access: Has a dedicated app for Android, provides very solid VPN connections, puts a lot of emphasis on privacy, costs only $6.95 per month ($3.33 per month for yearly plans)
  • ExpressVPN: Has a dedicated Android app, reliable, costs $12.95 per month
  • IPVanish: Has detailed instructions for setting up on Android, many servers available worldwide, costs $10 per month

Using A VPN On Android

I’d advise you to use the VPN apps from the providers above, they work really well, and can be set to automatically start up when your device boots.

Manually setting up a VPN on an Android device is fairly straightforward. You can go to your device’s Settings menu, and you’ll find the VPN settings under “Wireless and Networks”. Here you can enter the VPN host, username and password. For VPN protocols, we the recommend L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) or OpenVPN. These are more secure than the PPTP (Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol). I recommend using OpenVPN where possible, due to its speed and reliability.To run OpenVPN on Android, you’ll want to use the FeatVPN app or OpenVPN Connect. Some VPN providers (such as Private Internet Access) also have their own dedicated app that will run OpenVPN for you.


Best Torrent App On Android


The best torrent application on Android is uTorrent. The Android app contains all the features of uTorrent on the desktop, including RSS support, the ability to play back media as you download, and the ability to set upload and download limits.

The Best Usenet App For Android


If you are looking for Usenet app for Android, I recommend PowerNZB. This app works well, and it has a built in Usenet search feature. It will also unpack Usenet files automatically.

See my article The Best Usenet Providers for recommendations on choosing a provider.

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